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If you want food as fresh as can be, then look no further than the award-winning Edinburgh Farmers' Market, which takes place at Castle Terrace, under the imposing backdrop of Edinburgh Castle. With more than 55 specialist producers currently attending, and some cheap deals on Edinburgh hotels, it's well worth a visit.

Organic Produce

With the majority of stallholders growing what they sell, offering free-range eggs and some producers even baking and preparing their own farm products, you can rest assured that the food you'll be getting is from primary producers. There are even guest producers providing specialities including organic beer, liqueurs, bread, chocolates and chutneys as well as slow food cooking demonstrations on the first Saturday of every month.

What's Available

As well as meat products including specialities like venison and water buffalo, organic beef, chicken, lamb and pork which make up a quarter of traders, you can also buy fish, including lobster when it's in season, cheese, seasonal fruit and vegetables, juices, honey, pates, chillies and plants.


Typically consisting of booths, tables or stands with farmers selling fruit vegetables and meats in an indoor or outdoor setting, farmers' markets exists worldwide and add value to communities. Whether they're made up of a few stalls or stretch across several city blocks, they reflect their local culture and economy and in some places, live animals, imported delicacies and personal goods and crafts are sold.

Edinburgh's Other Farmers' Market

Every Sunday, from 10am until 5pm, the little park bordered by Saunders Street and Kerr Street is the platform for Stockbridge Market. Under new management, Edinburgh's other farmers' market promises to listen to its discerning local customers by bringing in lots of quality foodstuffs.
Whether you're looking for something special for supper, a continental-style lunch or you're planning a dinner party, the Stockbridge Market will have some new produce for you to try. From serving olives as an aperitif to a selection of French cheeses accompanied by brown bread, to a dessert of traditional crepe suzettes or macaroons, the passionate small traders will not only explain how to cook and serve your choices, they'll also have a range of accompaniments to complement your selection.

So if your New Year's resolution includes eating more healthily, why not book into one of the city's Travelodge hotels and spend a weekend supporting Edinburgh's local traders?

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