Kids Winter Clothes: Be prepared for the cold snap

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As if we needed anything else to make us feel like diving back under the duvet on a drab January morning; here comes the snow. As is always the case, snow has crept up on us when we were least expecting it - and what challenges it brings when it comes to preparing our families for the cold snap!  Kids love the snow; oblivious to all the drama that it brings to us parents, there is nothing more that they love than frolicking in the snow and building snowmen.

For us adults however, there is the constant fear of whether or not our children are warm enough, and if we are doing all that is necessary to keep it that way!  Retailers such as La Redoute have a great collection of kids clothes, and also a few tips on how to keep your little ones warm during the winter.

- Layering is the best way of keeping warm whatever the temperature. By layering, you are effectively creating a buffer zone of warm air that sits between each garment of clothing and provides insulation.

- When layering moisture management is crucial, with moisture wicking materials such as polyester and microfiber blends always worth investing in. Moisture-wicking layers draw water and dampness away from the skin so that you stay dry and warmer for longer - perfect even for children who love diving in and out of sight in deep snow! Try to avoid cotton and denim when layering, these fabric absorb wetness and stick against the skin leaving your child cold.

- La Redoute have a fantastic range of fleece jackets and sweatshirts for kids that will work as an insulating middle layer between indoor clothes and outerwear. Fleece is comfortable, lightweight, and soft and stretchy so won't make them feel too bundled up!

- For bulkier items such as winter coats, that will take the brunt of the elements, make sure they have a protective outer layer made from a tightly woven fabric that has been treated for water resistance. A sturdy shell to keep the wind, rain and snow out! Another great tip for winter coats is to ensure that they have ribbed or elasticated wrists.

A winter outfit would not be complete without all those essential accessories.  As a leading retailers in kids shoes and clothes, La Redoute believe that we offer the best range of accessories to keep kids warm and safe this winter - without spoiling all their fun!

- We all know that awful feeling when seeing our kids running around the playground, scarf flailing around them. A neck gaiter will still provide warmth, and can be adjusted for comfort, but will prevent those nasty trips and falls

- A sturdy pair of water resistant snow boots are also perfect "playing-out" attire where snow and slush are concerned

- Temperature change affects our heads, hands and faces more intensely and sooner than the rest of the body. Make sure your child keep their hat and gloves firmly on their head and hands, and not on the park bench!

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