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Prince Harry Beard

Why we love Prince Harry

One of our favourite Royals has to be Prince Harry. We've rounded up some of the best pics from 1987 to present day, with all the reasons why we love him...

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Today's fun & win poll

Which of these hobbies do you do regularly? (tick all that apply)

  • Knitting 16%
  • Sewing 12%
  • Baking 29%
  • Crochet 7%
  • Papercraft 6%
  • Quilting 3%
  • Jewellery making 3%
  • Cross-stitch 8%
  • Painting 5%
  • Upcycling 5%
  • Decoupage 4%

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Arms like your gran?

Arms like your gran?

Banish bingo wings and never be afraid to wave goodbye again with our easy tips