How to make jewellery - the basics

Have a go at making jewellery with these Woman's Weekly craft videos. These step-by-step videos show you how to make pretty earrings, a necklace and a bracelet!
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We know many of you are confident at crafts, but others may need a
little help and encouragement at having a go at mastering a new skill. That's why Woman's Weekly have created this series of easy-to-follow video features.

First of all let's have a look at the basic techniques you'll need to get started.

Using a ballpin

Ballpins are lengths of wire with a ball at one end. A bead, or beads, are threaded on to the wire and the ball stops them from slipping off. A loop is then made above the bead for hanging. Slip a bead on to a ballpin. Snip the wire of the ballpin 8mm above the bead with wire snippers. 

Hold the end of the wire with a pair of round-nose pliers. Bend the wire away from you at a right angle on top of the bead.

Turn your wrist to curl the wire towards you as far as is comfortable to make a loop. Release the wire and grab it again to continue rolling it into a loop. Repeating until you have a closed circle. 

Using jump rings 

These small wire rings have a split in them, so they can be opened and closed to attach to wires and beads. To open and close a jump ring, hold the ring each side of the split with pliers. Open a jump ring by twisting it, do not pull it open outwards as it will weaken and may snap. 

Using a crimp bead 

A crimp bead is a tiny metal cylinder that is squeezed closed to secure the ends of the beading wire. Crimping pliers are usually used, but beginners will find it easier to use a pair of snip-, flat- or chain-nose pliers. 

Slip a crimp bead on to flexible beading wire, then thread on the ring of a clasp. Pull the end of the beading wire back through the crimp bead, leaving a small loop of beading wire around the ring of the clasp, loose enough to allow for some movement. Place the crimp bead between the snipe-nose pliers and squeeze the pliers closed, so that the crimp bead flattens. Snip off the excess beading wire as close as possible to the crimp bead with wire snippers. 

How to make earrings



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