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Hooray! It's nearly Christmas and must be time to start thinking about decorating the tree! Make something with the kids you can treasure and use each year - like this Christmas tree angel. It's great fun and fab for getting the kids' creativity flowing - good luck!


You'll need:

Mini terracotta pot
Wooden dolls head
White bendy pipes
White cord
Polystyrene shapes - for the feet
Thin ribbon or elastic cord
Acrylic paint (pink, blue, yellow)
White foam sheet
Some dolls' hair
Gold cord
Wooden shapes like hearts or stars
Silver or gold marker pen


Paint the pot and doll's head in gold and pink and leave to dry. Don't forget to give your angel a smile! Then, glue the head to the top of the upturned pot. Fold a bendy pipe in half and bend over each end to make the hands. Glue to the back of the pot just under the head. Glue the hands to the front of the pot.


Next, give your angel a fancy barnet - get the kids to glue the doll's hair into place in whatever style they like. Wrap the gold cord around the head and twist to form a loop which, bent back on itself, will make your angel's halo.


Cut a pair of angel wings out of the white foam and stick onto the back. Make the pot look pretty by tying some white ribbon around the edge finished with a bow. Glue into place.


Then, cut the polystyrene shapes to make feet and colour-in with the gold or silver marker pens. Glue some cord to each egg-shaped foot and attach the other end to the inside of the pot, leaving the legs to dangle down all floppy!


Colour the wooden shapes (hearts, stars, Christmas trees - it's up to you!) with your gold or silver marker pens and glue on top of the hands. Finally, choose your face and draw it on with a black marker pen - we'd go for extra smiley!


Goodtoknow tip: You can grab all the items you will need at your local Hobbycraft store. Images courtesy of


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