How to make a message in a bottle

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Message in a bottle

What you will need

  • Some small glass or plastic bottles with lids or cork tops. (We got ours from eBay, but craft shops should stock these too)
  • PVA glue 
  • Coloured beads
  • Glitter
  • A few pretty pins (optional)
  • Some small pieces of paper
  • A pencil
  • 2 small bowls: one to put the beads in and the other to catch the excess glitter.

Do your children love writing secret messages? Then they'll love making this cute little message in a bottle craft.

It's the perfect present for teachers at the end of term, or make a few for family members at Christmas. There doesn't even need to be a special occasion to get crafty -  make these bottles with your children as a weekend activity and then exchange your secret messages at the end - you'll enjoy reading each others' little notes!

Age group: 6+. You could always write the note for younger children, if you like.

Safety tips: Just watch nobody swallows the beads!


Step 1

Gather everything you need together and place some beads in a bowl, ready for decorating your bottle.

Step 2

Using a brush, coat the tiny bottle with PVA glue.

Step 3

Dip the sticky bottle into the bowl of beads, sprinkle them by hand over the tricky places.

Step 4

Now pour the glitter on liberally making sure no bare glass is left. If you do this part over a bowl you won’t waste any. Then leave to dry.

Step 5

Take 2 small pieces of paper and write your message. The one for the name tag can be 1cm x 5cm and the other piece must be able to fit inside the bottle rolled up. Ours was 2cm x 5cm. The smaller piece for the name tag is going to be pinned to the top of the bottle, so your child should just address it to whoever they're giving the bottle to. The other is for their secret message - maybe a 'Thank You' for teacher, 'Happy Christmas' for Granny or 'I Love You' for Dad on Father's Day.

Step 6

Roll up the piece of paper with the message on it and place it inside the bottle. Stick the pin through the name piece and press into the lid.

Step 7

Hey presto, you've made your very own message in a bottle.

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