How to make a handprint Christmas wreath

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How to make a handprint Christmas wreath

What you will need

  • 1 large paper plate (we used a red plate but any colour will do)
  • A few sheets of white card
  • 1 large sheet of green tissue paper
  • Acrylic paint colours squirted onto paper plates (we used red, green, brown and purple)
  • Festive ribbon
  • String of festive red beads
  • Scissors
  • Blu-tack
  • Glue stick
  • Pen
  • Paintbrush (optional)

There's no better way to spend the festive season than making Christmas crafts with the kids, especially crafts that let you keep and show off their precious handprints each year, like this homemade handprint Christmas wreath.

A homemade Christmas wreath is a classic Christmas craft but this easy design is much easier for children. To make your own handprint Christmas wreath, all you really need is a paper plate, teeny-tiny hands and lots of lovely paint. Your little ones will enjoy getting their fingers stuck into some messy paint and they'll love hanging their finished Christmas craft on their bedroom door too. You could even help them personalise their wreaths by making a name plaque for them. Just write your child's name in glitter on a small circle of card, then stick it to the centre of their wreath.

Scroll down for our easy step-by-step guide on how to make a handprint Christmas wreath.

Age group: Kids as young as 3 can get involved in making a handprint Christmas wreath. They will just need help cutting out the handprints and holly, plus tying the ribbons on at the end.

Step 1

1. Gather all of the handprint Christmas wreath craft equipment together...
Find a flat surface to work on and gather together all the craft materials you need to make this festive handprint Christmas wreath.

Step 2

2. How to make a handprint Christmas wreath...
  • Ask your child/children to dip both hands into 1 colour of paint, then press a pair of handprints onto some white card. Fill in any blank areas within the handprints, using a painted finger/paintbrush.
  • Wash and dry your child/children's hands then repeat this step, using a different colour of paint each time, until you have 5 pairs of handprints or more for smaller hands.
  • Leave the handprints to dry fully.

Step 3

3. Cut out the handprints and make some holly...
  • 3a. Cut out each, dry handprint, as shown in picture 3a.
  • 3b. Take a large sheet of green tissue paper (keeping it folded as it was packaged), then draw a large holly shape onto it using a pen, as shown in picture 3b.
  • 3c. Cut out the holly shape using scissors, as shown in picture 3c.
  • 3d. Separate out all of the holly leaves, as shown in picture 3d.

Step 4

4. Arrange the holly and handprints around a paper plate...
  • 4a. Take a large paper plate and arrange some of the holly leaves around the outside of it, sticking them on with a dab of glue stick, as shown in 4a.
  • 4b. Next layer on as many of the handprints as you can, over the top of the 1st layer of holly leaves and nearer to the centre of the paper plate, as shown in picture 4b.
  • 4c. Layer on the rest of the holly leaves, over the top of the handprints and totally covering the centre of the paper plate, as shown in picture 4c.
  • 4d. Stick a large ball of Blu-tack to the middle of your handprint Christmas wreath, stick on a string of festive red beads, for the berries, and trim off any beads if necessary. Next choose some festive ribbon, tie it into a large bow and stick it over the top of the berries to hide the Blu-tack, as shown in picture 4d.

Step 5

5. How to put the finish touches to your handprint Christmas wreath...

To finish off your handprint Christmas wreath, punch a hole at the top of the paper plate and behind the 1st layer of holly leaves, then thread more festive ribbon through the hole and knot it. That's it, your homemade wreath, made from tiny handprints and festive holly, is ready to hang on your door (indoors to keep it safe and dry).

Design created by Jennifer Shepherd for

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