How to make snowman pencil toppers

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How to make a snowman pencil topper craft

What you will need

  • Your favourite pencil
  • 1 white pipe cleaner
  • 1 black pipe cleaner
  • 1 small white pom pom
  • 1 mini orange pom pom
  • Ribbon of your choice (we used a gingham ribbon)
  • Blue or black squeezy glitter glue (or a glitter glue pen for younger children)

Make your pencils look really cool by popping on our Sam the snowman pencil toppers. Sam the homework-loving snowman has a carrot nose, top hat and will boost your Christmas spirit each time you write.

What's more, this fun Christmas craft is really easy for older kids to make. All they need to do is wrap a white pipe cleaner around the top of their favourite pencil and decorate it with a pom pom head, a ribbon scarf, glittering eyes and hey presto, they've got themselves a mini snowman, who can live in their pencil cases forever (or at least for the festive period).

Once your kids have mastered Sam the snowman, they can make other pencil topper characters using different-coloured pipe cleaners. Let them have a go at making a penguin pencil topper using a black pipe cleaner or other animals.

Scroll down for our brilliant step-by-step guide on how to make Sam the snowman pencil toppers.

Age group: This Christmas craft is a little tricky for small fingers and suits older kids from around the age of eight better - they will just need help tying the tiny ribbon scarf on.


Step 1

Gather Sam the snowman pencil topper equipment together...
Find a flat surface to work on and gather together all the craft materials you need to make a cool snowman pencil topper.

Step 2

How to make a Sam the snowman pencil topper...
Tightly wrap a white pipe cleaner around the end of your favourite pencil for Sam the snowman's body.

Step 3

Stick a small white pom pom on top of Sam the snowman's body, where his head should be, using a dab of PVA glue. Hold the head in place until dry.

Step 4

Take a small length of ribbon, wrap it around the snowman's neck and knot at the front. Use a little PVA around Sam the snowman's neck to help the ribbon stay put.

Step 5

Take an orange mini pom pom and roll it between your hands to shape it into a long carrot shape. Stick the carrot-shaped pom pom in the middle of Sam the snowman's head, for his nose, using a dab of PVA glue. Hold it in place until dry.

Step 6

To make Sam the snowman's top hat:
Tightly wrap a black pipe cleaner around a pencil and pull it off.


Step 7

Squeeze the coiled pipe cleaner to flatten it a little, then pull out the bottom coil so it looks like the brim of the snowman's top hat.

Step 8

Stick the top hat on to Sam the snowman's head, using a dab of PVA glue and hold it in place until dry.

Step 9

How to put the finish touches to Sam the snowman...
Use squeezy glitter glue or a glitter glue pen to draw on Sam the snowman's eyes and buttons and that's it! Sam the snowman is ready to play with and make your pencil the coolest on the block.

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