How to make Felix the frog and lily pad

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How to make a lily pad craft from tray foils

What you will need

  • 2 small pie foils (like the ones you use for Yorkshire puddings or mini apple pies)
  • 1 sheet of light green tissue paper
  • 1 sheet of pink tissue paper
  • 1 small green pom pom
  • 2 mini googly eyes
  • Magenta/dark pink embroidery thread
  • Yellow embroidery thread
  • A small square of green felt
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Decoupage glue squirted out onto a paper plate (OR mix 3 parts of PVA glue with 1 part of water if you don't have decoupage glue)
  • A little neat PVA glue

Look at Felix the frog staring up at you from his lily pad. Cute isn't he? We bet your kids would love him as a pet. And he's really easy to make - all you need is a green pom pom, googly eyes, 2 pie foils and some coloured tissue paper.

Once Felix the frog is ready, your kids could have more fun making a pretend pond out of some blue tissue paper stuck to some recycled cardboard to give him a proper home.

So if your kids have always wanted a pond with frogs in it, now they can without any safety issues, with our easy froggy craft.

Scroll down for our brilliant step-by-step guide on how to make Felix the frog and lily pad.

Age group: Kids as young as 6 can get involved in making our Felix the frog and lily pad craft - they might just need help cutting the embroidery yarn.


Step 1

Gather together all of the lily pad craft equipment...
Find a flat surface to work on and gather together all the craft materials you need to make Felix the frog and lily pad.

Step 2

How to make Felix the frog and lily pad...

Flatten out 1 pie foil, for the lily pad, then shape the sides of the other pie foil so the pie foil resembles a flower, like this.

Step 3

How to decoupage the pie foils...
  • Cut out a circle of green tissue paper, 3 times as big as the flattened mince pie foil.
  • Spread the glue all over the flattened pie foil using a paintbrush, then cover the pie foil in the green tissue and leave to dry completely.
  • Cut the pink tissue paper into medium-sized squares.
  • Take the flower-shaped pie foil, spread the glue all over it, then stick the bits of pink tissue all over. Gently and carefully brush a layer of glue over the decoupaged flower, being careful not to tear the tissue and leave to dry completely.

Step 4

How to make the lily pad's flower stemen...

  • Take the yellow embroidery thread out of its packaging and pull apart half of the thread.
  • Cut an inch length from half of the embroidery thread.
  • Fold the inch-long embroidery thread strands in half and stick them to the bottom of the lily pad flower, with the ends sticking up, using a big dab of glue and leave to dry completely.

Step 5

How to make Felix the frog...

  • Stick the two googly eyes onto a small green pom pom using a little PVA glue.
  • Cut 1cm length of pink embroidery thread and glue it to Felix the frog's face, for a smiley mouth.
  • Cut 2 small triangle shapes (about 1cm long) from the green felt and stick them to the bottom of the pom pom for Felix the frog's webbed feet.
  • Leave Felix the frog to dry completely.

Step 6

How to put the finishing touches to Felix the frog and lily pad...

Stick the flower to the lily pad using a little PVA glue, then stick Felix the frog to the lily pad and that's it! Felix the frog is ready to play with.

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For craft materials such as tissue, decoupage glue and embroidery thread etc. visit Baker Ross, a family run craft business which supplies arts and crafts to schools and other organisations across the UK and abroad.

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