Crafting with kids: The expectations vs the painful reality

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Craft fails
When it comes to kids and crafts, you can’t always be sure of the outcome, and while you don’t set out to make a Blue Peter masterpiece, sometimes things go worse than anticipated.

Here are the classic craft fails you'll only know if you've tried to get creative with your little ones...

You think: This little project will keep them busy for a while.

The reality: After an initial enthusiastic 10 minutes, the craft items have all been demolished and your little one is running around creating havoc with various supplies.

Image: Instagram/cherryuk


You think: This will be fun for all the family!

The reality: The baby eats all the pink glitter, your middle child has a tantrum because they don’t want to share, while the oldest one skulks off after 5 minutes to play on the PS4 instead.

You think: Craft kits are great because they contain everything you need for a project.

The reality: Your little one glues all the googly eyes together in a big pile and then has a meltdown when they’re unable to make the ‘monster puppet’ properly because they have no eyes left – sigh!

Image: Pinterest/Nick Mom


You think: This craft project will be educational.

The reality: The only thing that either of you learn is that you are never, ever, EVER using glitter again.


You think: Nothing beats a homemade gift!

The reality: Because nothing says I love you like a bauble with a squiggle of white paint on it.

Image: Pinterest/Craft Fails


You think: This kit looks great for their age.

The reality: You need to be a member of Mensa to work out the instructions and your child somehow glues their fingers together with the ‘safe-for-children’ glue…


You think: That craft idea on that blog looks really easy.

The reality: There are tears - from both you and small child - when your version looks nothing – and we mean - nothing like the original blog post.

Image: Pinterest/Ashley Hawkes

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You think: I can’t wait to share this wonderful piece of crafting on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

The reality: After trying several filters, various angles and a myriad of props, you realise that NOTHING is going to make this project click-worthy - #craftfail it is then.

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