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  • Homemade Santa plate

    Add an extra 'ooo' to the excitement of Christmas Eve and make this personalised treat plate for Santa & Rudolph to enjoy

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    (37 ratings)
  • Essentials hanging herb garden craft

    How to make a hanging herb garden

    Turn an old household object into this stunning, crafty herb-growing solution.

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    (1 ratings)
  • Make these cute funny face flower pots

    These cute flower pots will brighten up any garden or living room this spring. Get the whole family involved and see who can draw the funniest face!

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    (6 ratings)
  • Homemade cloud mobile

    Bring back summer with this pretty homemade cloud mobile

    Dream of blue skies and sunshine with this beautiful handmade cloud mobile. You don't have to be a craft expert to make this, it's easy with our step-by-step guide...

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    (1 ratings)
  • Essentials personalised tealight candle holder craft

    How to make personalised tealight holders

    These gorgeous little tealight holders are easy to put together with a little know-how. Lucky for you we're going to share our secrets...

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    (4 ratings)
  • Essentials crayon letter craft

    Make your own crayon letter picture craft

    Create a quirky picture with your kids to hang in their bedroom. Use mix 'n' match colourful crayons for a rainbow look or tone your crayons to match their bedroom theme.

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    (3 ratings)
  • Essential bird feeder craft

    How to make a bird feeder

    This rainy-day activity brings the outdoors in. Your little ones will love shaping the bird feeders and once they've been made they'll give weeks of enjoyment with regular visits from appreciative birds!

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    (26 ratings)
  • Essentials decoupage mirror craft

    How to make a decoupage mirror

    Transform an old mirror into the fairest of them all with our clever decoupage technique. We show you how in our easy step-by-step.

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    (10 ratings)
  • Essentials covered files craft

    How to make fabric covered files

    Make yourself a set of these beautiful files in an hour with our easy guide. They cost hardly anything and look so stylish, what's not to love?

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    (4 ratings)
  • Essentials storage box craft

    How to make a pretty storage box

    We show you how to make this storage box in our picture-led guide. Perfect for tidying up children's desks and your worktops, these boxes will help keep everything in its right place.

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    (4 ratings)
  • Essentials pom pom blanket craft edited

    How to make a pom pom blanket

    Update an old blanket with this clever addition to give it a modern twist. We show you how in our easy guide.

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    (2 ratings)
  • Essentials cushion cover craft

    How to make a patchwork cushion cover

    There’s nothing as special as making your own soft furnishings for your home. This gorgeous cushion will look perfect plumed up on your sofa and can be treasured for years to come.

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    (6 ratings)

Showing 1-12 of 27 results

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