Fertility diet: Foods for you and your man

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According to some experts, when you want to get pregnant, there's more to it than just having sex on the right days.

If you're already expecting then you may know what to eat during your pregnancy, but eating the right foods while you're trying to conceive is just as important. And it's not just up to you to watch what you eat - it's just as important for your partner too. What you and your partner eat can have a big impact on how easily and quickly you fall pregnant. Here, nutritionist Victoria Greaves explains what you and your partner should eat if you're trying for a baby.

Fertility boosting food: Eight-a-day

Getting your five-a-day is always important for your overall health but when you're trying to get pregnant it's even more important for you and the health of your baby. It's good to actually try to eat eight portions of organic fruit and veg daily Victoria explains, saying, 'These contain low levels of pesticides and have higher nutritional content than non-organic.' She also suggests switching all animal produce over to organic, too as 'non-organic meat and dairy products contain growth hormones and antibiotics.'

Fertility boosting food: Wholegains

The next switch is ditching all white refined foods in favour of brown wholefoods. It's estimated that 80 per cent of zinc is removed from wheat to make white bread last longer. This is a problem because zinc deficiencies have been linked to male infertility so make sure you and your partner are eating plenty of nutritious wholegrains like brown rice.

Filling up on fibre from wholegrains, fruit and vegetables is important because it keeps the bowels regular, which is essential for fertility.

Victoria also has a top tip about when to eat. She says, 'Eat little and often to sustain your blood sugar levels. Excessive drops in blood sugar can release too much adrenaline and this may block progesterone, which maintains pregnancy.'

Fertility boosting food: Good fats

It's also worth noting that you don't have to be afraid of fats - just eat the good ones. That's things like oily fish (mackerel, salmon etc), avocados, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Your new fertility-boosting shopping list

If you're wondering what to pick up next time you're at the shops then Victoria suggests starting with packing your trolley full of iron and folate-rich foods. Here's what to look for:

Iron-rich foods
  • Eggs
  • Wholemeal bread
  • Baked beans
  • Fortified cereal
  • Dried fruit such as apricots and figs
  • Green vegetables

  • Folate-rich foods
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Green vegetables
  • Brown fortified bread and cereals
  • Beans and pulses
  • Shellfish - but stop eating shellfish once you are pregnant

  • Fertility boosting drinks

    The liquids you drink are almost as important as the food you eat while you're trying to get pregnant. Victoria says, 'Drink eight glasses of filtered water or herbal/fruit teas to help flush out excess toxins and cut out caffeine in all its forms - coffee, strong tea and chocolate. It's been linked to low fertility.'

    Fertility-boosting nutrients

    When you're trying to conceive it can also be a good idea to up your intake of vitamins and minerals, to make sure you're getting just the right amount of nutrients. Use the table below to work out what you could be getting a bit more of here and there, and the best foods to try, too.

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    Vitamin Benefits Daily doseFoods to eat

    All-round essential for fertility

    Zinc ensures the production of good-quality sperm

    Can reduce the chance of miscarriage 



    cashew nuts

    pumpkin seeds

    Crab meat

    B6Helps to balance hormones 50mg

    Sunflower seeds

    Tinned salmon




    Needed for cellular reproduction

    Can increase sperm count 





    Egg yolk

    Cheddar cheese 


    An antioxidant that can increase male fertility

    Prevents chromosome breakage, which can cause miscarriage 


    Brazil nuts

    Sunflower seeds Raisins

    Vitamin C

    Increases sperm count

    Stops sperm from sticking together

    Improves mobility

    Prevents abnormal sperm



    Kiwi fruit



    Vitamin E

    Increases sperm mobility and ability to penetrate the egg

    Can reduce age-related ovulation decline


    Sunflower oil

    Sunflower seeds




    Essential Fatty Acids

    Can prevent poor sperm mobility, low count or abnormal sperm.

    EFAs have also been shown to reduce fibroids and endometriosis

    Eat oily fish 3 times a weeka

    Eat nuts and seeds daily



    Flaxseed oil

    Nuts and seeds

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    Hi there me and my partner ave been trying for a baby for 4yrs i have had 3blood test done n my partner as been tested also everything came bk fine i do drink alot of coke but please we need help can some1 give us some advice please


    hi, i'm 20 years old and i suffered from a miscarriage 2 months ago, my fiance and i are trying for another baby but it took almost a year before my miscarriage, is there anything i can use or things i can take to help me get pregnant? Beth x


    I also eliminated caffeine (green tea, even!) To my diet, and called for increasing the DH (which can help with issues of male motility factor.) Caffeine in women can cause ovulatory problems and men can accelerate and consolidate its swimmers. 4. Both of you should eat foods with folic acid and vitamin E. Fish oil capsules are great for fertility and pregnancy, and much safer than eating fish (due to high concentrations of mercury in fish, fresh or canned). The oils were purified to remove mercury.


    Polycystic ovary disease is one of the leading causes of infertility.If you have polycystic ovary disease, you are likely to have some of the following symptoms: 1.Abnormal, irregular, or very light or infrequent menstrual periods 2. Absent periods, usually (but not always) after having one or more normal menstrual periods during puberty (secondary amenorrhea) 3. Acne that gets worse 4. Infertility just to name a few. If its been months or years sence your last period you need to make n appointment with your gyn dr to make sure you don't have somthing life threatening wrong with you. After seeing a dr. about infertility problems most of them will be more then happy to start treating you within a few months. To the one lady whos dr wants her to wait 3 years theres something wrong with your dr. If a normal healthy person really trying hasn't gotten pregnant in 6 months there is a proble that needs to be treated




    For us, I did a lot of research. I'll tell you what worked for us after years of infertility. 1.) Really, Dad's diet has a major roll in fertility. It's important he gets enough minerals such as selinum, zinc, and magnesium. Brazil nuts are a great source of selinum, and just two a day can really help. Dads should really focus on the zinc, selenium, and getting enough calcium... and eat more fruits & veggies. All of these have been linked to better stats for getting and staying pregnant. (The old tales about oysters being aphrodisiac is based on the fact that they are very high in zinc.) 2.For me, I finally **cut out Soy products**, as they can sometimes throw your hormones off. If you must do soy, only use it in fermented items (you can ask your store manager for help), as they believe it is safer. 3. I also eliminated caffeine (even green tea!) from my diet, and encouraged dh to increase his (this can help with male factor motility issues.) Caffeine in women can cause ovulatory problems, and in men it can speed & fortify his swimmers. 4. Both of you should eat foods with folic acid and vitamin e. Fish oil in the form of capsules are great for fertility and for pregnancy, and much safer than eating fish (because of the high mercury levels in fresh/canned fish). The oils have been purified to remove mercury.


    hello i am trying for a baby but we have unprotected for months and dont get no were what else can i do to boost the chances of getting pregnant i am under 20.


    i am 20 years old, and this is my first time on this site. I havent had a period since decemeber and i am trying to get pregnant, because my husband is 25 years older then me, but we have been trying and no luck.


    We have been trying for 2 years to have a baby, I have just turned 40 my hubbie is 43 and works abroad. So much for get a good job and get things in order before a baby. Do nt put off a min longer, go for it now. I am trying everything, anything now to have a baby. Not at IVF yet as my doctor will not refer me to go private yet, more test and temperature testing. My friend fell when she had sex while taking her temperature so fingers crossed...


    I'm 36 years I had a stillbirth to my first child january,20, 2008 accoding to the scan the scan result indicated that the baby died five days before birth, and since then i and my spouse have been trying following the fertility calendar my june menstual circle was 6 to 8 June-2009, it lasted three days. My July menstrual circle was 1 to 3 July- 2009. pls kindly tell me what to do and when is my fertility days and ovulation day pls. Thanks.

    30 something

    I'm 33 and after reading this am thinking I should get me skates on and come off the pill! my husband is 12 years older than me and panic is starting to set in!


    I am 32 years and had a baby boy who is 5yrs now since then getting pregant is a problem. my doctor told me that i ovulates but i can't get pregnat after 3 yrs of trial. pls, is there anythin i can do.

    Mrs. Thomas

    Im 32 years old and trying to get pregnant for the first time. After reading this article Im abit worried about the drinking of tea that my husband 41 yeas old drinks. Please can you tell me! Is this English ordinary tea linked to low fertility as well?? Does it afect the sperms of the man too? I dont drik that tea at all but I drink half cup of coffee every morning. Other wise I have a headache. Please can anybody help me with this information.??? Thanks!!!

    raychy oyolola

    i love your site


    I think this is a very usefull article me and my partner have been trying for a few years now its become such a routine we have practically forgotton about it well attempted to anyway. i been to countless apointments and had recent blood tests done to check for things like diabetes but i dont want to much help with falling pregnant not just yet. the main problem we have is i am very under weight hence the tests ive tried evrything to put on wieght and am now on about changing my diet all together and eating alot better. in the hope it will help. being underwight i also have irregular cycles which sucks i might add i am not underwieht through any fault of my own i dont force myself to be like this so ive taken notes of this info and am going to fill my shopping trolly with all the right things when i go shopping. fingers crossed!

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