What to do if your baby's choking

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1. Don't shake your baby. Lay her along your forearm, face down, with head supported and lower than her body. Give up to five sharp slaps to the upper part of the back.
2. If the blockage isn't dislodged, look in her mouth and remove any obstruction you see. Don't feel blindly around the mouth, as the soft tissue is sensitive to touch and can become swollen easily which, in turn, can also block airways.
3. Still choking? Turn her onto her back and place two fingers on her breastbone just below nipple level. Give up to five sharp downward
thrusts, then check his mouth again.
4. Repeat all the steps three times. If the obstruction doesn't clear and she's still choking, call an ambulance.

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Dr Myles Taylor, obstetrician and GP.

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