Ten ways to keep your sanity

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10 ways to... keep your sanity

  • Take a break, even if it's brief: If you can't get someone to take over, then make sure your baby's safe and leave the room for a few minutes.
  • Get some sleep: This is particularly hard if you're breastfeeding on demand, but it's worth finding a way.
  • Don't let other relationships suffer: It's easy to take out frustrations on loved ones, but keep talking and supporting each other.
  • Give yourself a break: Don't try to be superwoman, even the ones with 'easy' babies don't manage it.
  • See the positives: Remind yourself of the happy times you've had with your baby.
  • Relax: Find time for yourself. Your baby will benefit if you're rested and relaxed.
  • Ask for help: If your baby won't be put down, get help with the washing, ironing etc.
  • Ignore unwanted advice' and there's plenty of it: So, do what you feel is right.
  • Talk to someone: It can be difficult admitting that you're not coping, but it's enormously therapeutic when you do.
  • It's not forever: Live life day by day. Tomorrow may be the day when it all calms down.

Tried and tested baby-calming tactics

They may not always work, but they're definitely worth a try!
  • Wear your baby in a sling: Close contact may calm your child.
  • Try a change of scene:. Chances are, it'll be good for you and it may calm the baby.
  • Pass the baby to someone else to soothe: If you're feeling stressed, your baby may sense it.
  • Share a warm bath: Some babies love being held in water.
  • Massage your baby: This helps your baby relax and can also relieve pain.

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I am so glad I read this, I have felt so alone! looking for different solutions to help.I'm a single mom, My daughter is almost 7 months old. All she seems to do is constantly cry. I try and try but as soon as I put her down she cries again, but with a temper(and she definately has one). She is too heavy for me to keep holding and I never seem to get anything done. It's affecting her sleep too, I thought I was one of the lucky one's when she began sleeping through at just 10 weeks, then suddenly she didn't even want to know bedtime and she just doesn't seem to be getting into a routine, regardless of what I do. I used to be such a strong person. Who would have thought that someone so tiny could break me to tears. I feel so low all the time because I feel like a bad mom, cos' I just can't get it right. Which in turn makes me feel angry. If I had one wish it would be for a day without her screaming, or that she would sit and play with her toys, without me having to hold her. I feel selfish too, just for wanting a little peace. I know she is my responsibilty and I love her with all my heart, would die for her. I just don't know how much longer I can actually cope with this.

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