Ten ways to keep your sanity

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10 ways to... keep your sanity

  • Take a break, even if it's brief: If you can't get someone to take over, then make sure your baby's safe and leave the room for a few minutes.
  • Get some sleep: This is particularly hard if you're breastfeeding on demand, but it's worth finding a way.
  • Don't let other relationships suffer: It's easy to take out frustrations on loved ones, but keep talking and supporting each other.
  • Give yourself a break: Don't try to be superwoman, even the ones with 'easy' babies don't manage it.
  • See the positives: Remind yourself of the happy times you've had with your baby.
  • Relax: Find time for yourself. Your baby will benefit if you're rested and relaxed.
  • Ask for help: If your baby won't be put down, get help with the washing, ironing etc.
  • Ignore unwanted advice' and there's plenty of it: So, do what you feel is right.
  • Talk to someone: It can be difficult admitting that you're not coping, but it's enormously therapeutic when you do.
  • It's not forever: Live life day by day. Tomorrow may be the day when it all calms down.

Tried and tested baby-calming tactics

They may not always work, but they're definitely worth a try!
  • Wear your baby in a sling: Close contact may calm your child.
  • Try a change of scene:. Chances are, it'll be good for you and it may calm the baby.
  • Pass the baby to someone else to soothe: If you're feeling stressed, your baby may sense it.
  • Share a warm bath: Some babies love being held in water.
  • Massage your baby: This helps your baby relax and can also relieve pain.

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