Six things you never knew about your toddler

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You're aware of exactly what your toddler likes and dislikes. But there are some surprising things you've yet to discover about their little character!

1. They're already left-or right-handed

Your toddler will probably seem to switch hand preferences repeatedly well into their pre-school years. But according to recent research from the Foetal Behaviour Research Centre at Queen's University, Belfast, your little one's handedness develops as early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy.

2. They think the milkman is daddy

'It can be hugely embarrassing, but most toddlers go through a development stage when they call every man they come into regular contact with daddy,' says Eva Lloyd, senior lecturer in early childhood studies at the University of Bristol.

'It's a linguistic phase and they can't understand that the term should only apply to one man. So they try it out on various men until they understand the word has a specific meaning for just one person. They can do this with the word 'mummy' too. But if you're the main carer, they're more likely to pick up quickly that it's your name in particular.' Get ready for red faces when the postman comes?

3. Their friends are really important to them

It might feel like your toddler's ignoring all the other children at playgroup, or that you're always dealing with toy-snatching tantrums, but the little playmates your tot has now are helping them to develop the building blocks of life-long social skills.

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'Researchers have only recently realised how important non-parental relationships are to toddlers,' says Eva Lloyd. 'The skills they're learning will help them to become more sociable, self-reliant adults in years to come.'

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