20 ways to entertain your baby: tips 13-20

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13. Fill a small, plastic bottle with rice (remember to put the lid back on!). She'll love the noise it makes when shaken.

14. A baby who can sit up will enjoy making music with a pan and wooden spoon.

15. A garden centre with a pet section is a great place to visit. An older baby will love a trip to look at animals.

16. Make her favourite toy, or something else, pop out to surprise her.

17. Young babies love lying under trees so they can watch the leaves moving.

18. Sit her in front of a mirror for a few minutes. She'll be fascinated by the other baby!

19. Babies who can sit unaided will love putting things in and out of containers. Show her what to do first with a tub of blocks.

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20. Take a look at the BBC's CBeebies website ( You'll find all your child's favourite characters and lots of activities to explore together.

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