Activities for your baby and toddler: Yoga

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Baby yoga

Great for ages: 2 weeks+

What is it?

This may sound as though your baby will be contorted into strange shapes with his legs twisted like corkscrews, but it's not like that at all. Baby yoga isn't something you do to your baby, it's what you do with your baby. Once you've got the go-ahead from your GP, you and your little one can really benefit from some yoga moves. Children can start yoga when they're just a few weeks old, so it can really help you get back in shape after birth.

In normal postnatal yoga classes, you bend yourself into weird and wonderful poses while your baby lies beside you (sleeping, if you're lucky!). But because baby yoga involves lifting and holding your baby in various positions as you exercise, he's occupied too, so it's far more conducive to a relaxed mind, peace and harmony.

What are the advantages?

  • Carrying your baby like this will strengthen and revitalise you.
  • Those rhythmical movements, together with singing and chanting, help your baby to settle better. As a result, you may find he sleeps better and is generally happier.
  • Nowadays little ones often spend too long sitting in car seats where their movement is restricted. Yoga gives them a chance to stretch their limbs and develop an awareness of their bodies.
  • Classes involve gentle exercises for babies, which can help relieve colic and wind. You'll know if it's worked!
  • Mums of yoga babies claim that their children develop a real love of movement, and some even crawl or walk earlier.

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You may see classes advertised in your local health centre or library. For UK-wide classes, log on to (01223-362288), or (020 8678 0054) if you live in London. If you're in the Leeds area, contact Baby Pilates at (07721 369 904).

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