Activities for your baby and toddler: Music and movement

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Music and movement

Great for ages: 6 months +

There are several companies all over the country that run these very popular classes, as well as a multitude of smaller, local set-ups. Most take babies from 6 months but a few prefer your child to be walking before he starts. There's a separate class for each age group.

All kids love music, so what more could they want than to sing along to a cheery tune, while bashing a drum in time to the beat? The best classes are carefully structured and include some songs that are used every week so your child will quickly feel comfortable, together with lots of new tunes to learn so he doesn't get bored.

Classes that include movement are best for keeping an active toddler interested.

What are the advantages?

  • They're great for cheering up a grumpy toddler (or a grumpy mum, come to that!).
  • Your child will begin to develop a sense of rhythm, improve his co-ordination and learn to listen carefully and follow instructions.
  • Learning the songs also helps language development.

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