Baby skincare: 1 month +

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'After a few weeks, your baby's skin will be thicker and less sensitive than a newborn's,' says Nina Goad. 'But it still makes sense to avoid any unnecessary skin products. Avoid those that create lots of lather, as these can remove natural oils from your baby's skin.
'If your little one's skin is dry and needs moisturising, use a simple baby lotion or baby oil. Opt for gentle soaps and cleansers, as harsh ones may damage a baby's skin, making it more prone to eczema. And avoid using anything that contains alcohol, as this can make skin even drier.'

Jill Barker, founder of The Green Baby Company, suggests buying handmade toiletries for babies, as they tend to be gentler.
'Look for brands with a use-by date, as this gives you an idea of when the product was made. Cosmetics and toiletries can go off, just like the food in your fridge,' she explains.
'For babies and older children with sensitive skin, sweet almond oil is a good base to look for in a product. It's gentle, soothing and sweet-smelling.'

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Baby massage

Baby massage is a great way to keep your little one's skin soft and moisturised and to enjoy bonding, too. According to Kim O'Rourke, from the International Association of Infant Massage, baby massage may also have all kinds of other benefits, from promoting better sleep and boosting a baby's immune system to aiding digestion. Pure olive oil is the safest option for baby massage, but you can also use oils such as sweet almond, grapeseed, and sunflower. Any product specifically marketed as a baby oil would work well, too.

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my baby daughter is 7months old and has eczema on her back and tummy what medication can we use as it is irritating for her as she itches and we dont know how to treat it,we have put e45 cream on but it does not seem to have any effect.

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