Baby development: What to expect when

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Baby development milestones:

Smiley baby

Learning to smile is one of the first milestones and happens at around 6 weeks. Her first gorgeous smile makes up for all those broken nights!

Head first

As your baby's neck muscles strengthen, she'll be able to support her own head (at around 6 weeks) to turn to look at new things and towards the source of sounds.

Roly poly

At some time between 3 and 6 months your baby will learn to roll over, usually from front to back first, then from back to front a couple of weeks later.


As your baby's back gets stronger, she'll be able to hold herself in a sitting position, first with her hands around her waist, and eventually without any support.


Babies learn to crawl from as early as 6 months. They usually start by getting on to all fours and rocking backwards and forwards.

Bottom shuffling

Of course, some babies don't crawl at all, and develop their own ways of getting around, sometimes just shuffling on their bottoms.


Before she learns to walk your little one will pull herself up using furniture, or other people's legs! She'll then 'cruise' around the room, holding on to tables and chairs.

First steps

Those first, unsupported steps are a major milestone, and happen any time from around 9 months.

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At 18 months, most children use between six and 20 words, although they may only be recognised by you! By 2 1/2 you'll notice a language explosion!

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