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Being an only child gets pretty bad press, so why are more and more parents stopping at one? For good reasons, so it seems?

Spoilt, selfish and lonely are some of the common labels that society attaches to those who don't have siblings. Yet in spite of this the number of only children is growing.

Last year in the UK there were 300,000 more households with just one child than in 2,000, and only child families are the fastest growing type of family in the developed world.

'There are many reasons for having just one child,' says Ann Richardson, a psychotherapist (and only child) who runs workshops for only children. 'Some parents feel they can offer their best, both financially and emotionally, to just one child but with more children, they'd be overstretched. Some find out they can't have more children, and others end up with just one child due to relationship breakdown.'

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Many women nowadays are leaving it later to start a family, which, experts agree, is one of the main reasons for the increase in only children. In 2004 the average age for women giving birth was 29.6, compared to 26.2 in 1971.

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Shameme Adams

NO!!, it's not selfish. I am an only child myself and i can honestly say i LOVED it!!, i'm loving, caring, giving (just ask my friends) and think i appreciate friends more as a result of being an only-they're my surrogate family. I think people shouldn't judge as in my case i have a genetic illness that would have been passed down to another child (as my parents would have loved more) but couldn't. There are many different reasons people just have one and it's up to the individuals concerened to have none, one, two, more whatever is right for you. We're quite quirky as a result, we have puppet Clifford!!..and teddy Arkie!! and we used to have rat (YES A RAT)!! Porrige!-very unconventional but i loved being different. I'm a half Asian girl too which again even more different but on the selfish side i never had to put up with noise when i'm doing something, can watch what i want, do what i want generally but i've grown up a nice girl i think and my behaviour is impeccable!!. So if you're an only child (or have one) jump aboard!!..inside you can meet Clifford and Arkie!. GO ONLY CHILDREN!!! and even if you're not one and fancy a new pal find me Shameme Adams on Facebook!! if you want a new friend. Cya!

sharon hawkins

i have a 3yr old son who my husband and i dote on and love with all our hearts, but i worry alot that he is going to be lonely, we play with him all the time but we have been told that it's not the same as children his own age. he goes to nursery 3 days a week which he loves and when he gets home he is just as happy to play with his mummy and daddy, so we must be doing something right. we dont want anymore children for several reasons. 1) we are very close to our 40s 2) we could not provide for 2 children like we can 1 3)we feel the age gap would be too big now so they would not get on. we have been called selfish more times than i care to remember, but we give him all the love and time that is humanly possible surely that isn't selfish is it

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