Your baby's first year problems

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One of the things that makes new mums panic most is not being able to soothe a crying baby. It's so difficult to hear your baby cry and not be able to comfort her. In the early days, it's a matter of trial and error.

Go through your checklist. Is she hungry, lonely or in need of a nappy change? Or perhaps she's hot, cold, tired or unwell. Sometimes you may not find a solution. Believe it or not, you know your baby best and you'll get better at assessing her needs.

Share difficulties with whoever supports you, plus your health visitor and GP. And remember, most babies don't cry as much by 4 months.

If things don't improve and you're really struggling to cope, you could be suffering from post-natal depression. Do you struggle with small daily activities? Are you ratty, tense and anxious?

Post-natal depression can occur any time up to two years after the birth, although it's usually confined to the first year. Symptoms include being irritable, sad, tearful, and over-anxious about your and/or your baby's health.

- Possible problems: Crying
- Possible problems: Feeding
- Possible problems: Teething

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