Coping with an interfering mother-in-law

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Three generations of a family
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1. It's time for you to take control. Accept that men can turn into mice when their mum's are around. Resenting it won't help him or you.
2. When she's at her most annoying, remember you both have strong opinions because you love the baby. You're both on the same side.
3. Just because she's negative, you don't have to be. Challenge yourself to be positive with her.
4. Tell her what you appreciate about her support, you'll find something, rather than row about her irritating habits.
5. Identify stressful confrontational times like mealtimes or bedtimes, and make sure she's not around. Welcome her at times that suit you.
6. Ask for her help in specific practical ways that'll make your life easier. She's the perfect person to give you regular 'me' time.
7. Let mum-in-law support your relationship instead of undermine it. Make a 'date' with your partner, and book her to baby-sit.
Lorraine Thomas, parenting expert

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Your husband needs to stick up for you and supoprt you.You and the baby are his top priority right now and your feelings are just as important and as relevant as your mother in laws.You need to tell him this. I bet if you tell them not to do something very assertively followed by a quick but firm explanation of why you dont want them to do it-they wont do it again.This worked for me when mother in law kept waking him up to play with him!

Stephanie Paterson

i need help with my husbands mother and grandmother interfering all the time. they take my baby off me when im feeding him, his mum changes the babys clothes when im not there and is insisiting i dress him in a set of old clothes for professional photos. i cry all the time and dont live near my own family so dont have anyone to talk to. when i say hes hungry they say hes not, they pick him up willy nilly when i say dont and my husband sticks up for them instead of supporting me. I cant cope much longer. please help with advice on coping. Im normally assertive but they have worn me down and make me feel so small. Thanks

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