10 things every parent should do continued

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6. Open a trust fund

If your child was born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011, you were paid at least 1 day's worth of Child Benefit and your child lived in the UK then they are eligable for a trust fund. Every child is sent a cheque for either £50 or £250 to be invested into the fund (dependant on when your child became entitled). Bizarrely, only a third of parents have invested the money. You can add up to £3,720 a year and the money will belong to your child, although they won't be able to access it until they're 18. For more information visit

7. Lead by example

Saying 'Please' and 'Thank you', apologising when you've made mistakes and showing enthusiasm are all things your child can pick up from you without you ever having to tell them.

8. Record your child's voice

My dad recently fished out an ancient audio-cassette of my brother and I, aged 3 and 5. It was hilarious to hear our little voices, and it made my mum cry! As soon as we got home we recorded our 3-year-old singing songs. In years to come, your kids will love to hear themselves, and it's a reminder of the tiny people they used to be.

9. Choose 'godparents'

While godparents seem to have fallen out of fashion these days, it's still helpful for kids to have a close relationship with an adult other than their parents. They're someone your child can turn to if you've argued or there's something they can't discuss with you. You don't have to call them godparents, but the more people your child has to love and be loved by, the better.

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10. Eat for life

Just putting a vegetable on your child's plate every meal makes a difference. He may not eat it the first time, or even the 15th, but the more he sees fresh veggies the less daunting they'll be. Eventually you'll get a shortlist of ones he'll eat.

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nice to read and get ideas i think every parent can do with new and old tips i will definatly record thier voices......... now any tips on keeping them young...........

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