Stop shouting at your kids: choose your words and sing

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Choose your words

'Tell them what you want them to do, not what you don't want them to do', says Heather. Never give a reason, or they'll start a debate. If they ignore you, tell them again three times. Research shows that 40 per cent of the population need to hear things in triplicate before they take them seriously. If that doesn't work, withdraw privileges as punishment.

Try the three-step plan

This is used by the charity Parentline Plus.

1. Acknowledge what your children want.
2. Explain what you want.
3. Explain why. If they're jumping off a wall, say you know it looks fun but they could hurt themselves and you want them to stop.

Parentline runs 'Less Shouting, More Co-operation' groups.

Make a song and dance

It may sound mad but it works! If you feel like shouting, sing instead. It can release your frustration and even make them laugh. Alternatively, just count to 10 to defuse your temper.

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Look in the mirror

Another of my favourite tricks. When you start to shout, take a look at your face. Not a pretty sight, is it? Your face is naturally softer and more likely to get a favourable response if you're not shouting and screwing it up in rage.

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