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School friends
Not everyone is extrovert or able to go up to people and say, 'Can I play with you?' The world is full of people who are outgoing, those who seem painfully shy and those in between. It doesn't mean any of these are right or wrong.

Think whether you were socially reserved as a child. Perhaps you grew out of it or learnt to handle that lack of confidence. And that's what your child will do.

On the other hand, it's natural for a mother to be concerned. So you could help her by building up their self-esteem. I'm not saying you don't do this already but it's amazing how praise for something they're good at can make a child feel good about themselves. And it's a proven fact that people who feel good about themselves have more confidence to approach others and join in a conversation.

Also, build up your child's outside interests. Can they join a club or take up a new hobby? This will help them learn to mix outside the school environment and to bring back that confidence into the classroom.

Talk to their teacher and see if they could be seated near someone with whom they might have something in common. Finally, don't keep asking if they've made new friends yet. Be cool about it and it will come.
Andy Jones, training manager for the charity Positive Parenting

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