What to do if your kids hate PE

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Kids and P.E.
For every child who could run, jump and climb like a monkey, there is another who is always the last to be picked for a team and hates changing into shorts and a T-shirt.

Follow our tips for how to help a child who hates PE...

  • Don't say, 'I hated it as well.' It's fine to sympathise with your children but you do need to point out the advantages too.
  • Do say, 'Why do you hate PE so much?' Then talk about it.
  • Don't buy 'the wrong' PE shorts, socks or T-shirt, even if you've discovered a cheaper version. Kids hate being different.
  • Do talk to other mums. Is there something about the teacher or class that is putting off other children too?

Build their confidence

'If leaping over boxes or climbing wall bars isn't for them, find another sport your kids enjoy,' advises Mike Horler, spokesman for Sport England. 'When they discover they are good at something, that confidence can rub off in PE.'

Let's dance

Another idea is to find a sport that isn't available at school, such as dancing or karate. 'It may not make them suddenly enjoy PE but it will help their co-ordination and flexibility and it will increase confidence.'

Bin those shorts

Kids can dread PE because they have to strip down to shorts and T-shirts. 'It's easy for them to be teased if they're too fat or too thin, or just because they feel vulnerable,' says sports psychologist Carole Seheult. 'Why not talk to the PE teacher and ask if the kids could wear tracksuit bottoms?'

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Rhonda K. Jackson, Canadian,

EVERY P.E. teacher I have ever known, was an asshole....male, female, did not matter....They were also responsible for one or maybe 2 sports teams, which meant, if you had any member of said team in your class, they were catered too and given the cushy jobs or no jobs at all....and the rest of us....well, I learned in Grade 8 and 9 to HATE the bias of my PE by Grade 10, I was part of the teams in school..I gave them up because of my P.E. Teachers...i did not like how they thought every student should be an athlete....or push us until we hurt..which they all did...and, I did not like how they picked on the smart and weaker kids, instead of being educators, they became dick-tators- yes, that was a pun. I was an artist, but also an athlete and I was good at both, but I was also not mean or petty and I did not like seeing my fellow classmates picked on by someone who was supposed to be educating us on HEALTH...I kept up my athletics on my own...ran 5 miles took to swimming....would not do it in classes....and because my teachers knew me....and saw me on weekends and after school running.....they were offended....well geez...if a native girl of 15 to 17 can offend you....maybe you need to look at yourself. MY daughter came home yesterday and said her PE teacher was going to push them until it hurt....WHAAATTTT, really, she knows nothing of motivation, she is using intimidation and humiliation....and we all responsible adults how well that works. GIVE some people power and they lose the the most basic fact and rule of life and living.....with power-is a greater responsibility....I think, some teachers...lose sight of WHY they became teachers....GYM TEACHERS...were never good enough to become professional athletes and they take that out on our kids.......MY POINT OF VIEW, ONLY...Take OFFENCE...than you are tripping over my right to have free process of thought and belief


P.E Audit Name: Tom Bonner Age: 15 Gender: Male Tennis: I have not chosen tennis as I know a lot about tennis and because it is starting to get cold I fell that I would have limited time on improving my game. Football: I have not chosen football as I feel I would rather improve myself in a sport I play often Golf: I have not chosen golf as I feel I am poor at all areas and the faculties would be hard to use. Swimming: I have not chosen swimming as I don&#226&#128&#153t go swimming regularly. Rugby: I have chosen rugby has I know a lot about rugby and I also play for a team. The faculties I need are only a 2 minute walk away so I fell I can work on improvement a lot easier. Rugby can be played in any weather so this also confirmed this option was right. I am going to improve my performance in rugby kicking as I fell this is one of my weakest point in my game. I am going to concentrate on conversion kicking and how the ball is placed on the kicking tee affects the way the ball goes and also how I kick the ball affects the way the ball goes and how far and accurate it is, and also how muscle strength affect kicking off the tee, this is vital for the position I want to play when I am older which is a fly half. One of my idols is Jonny Wilkinson because he is prone to injury and when he is injured he don&#226&#128&#153t give up he just keeps working into he is fit again and also because he has one of the best kick like drop goals and conversions in the world which is impressing. Performer- This is the option that I picked- A performer is a person who takes part in an activity and always trys to improve there performance in different activity. Coach- A coach is a person who take control of a player or team and trains them to play and improve there skills. Also a coach teaches tactics and picks the team for a game and where they are going to play. Official- An official is a person who make decisions when there is a game being played like in football if someone got tackled it would be the official who says if it a free kick or if it wasn&#226&#128&#153t. Leader- A leader who takes charge of a group or team and says to people what to do Organizer- An organizer is a person who sets up matches and organizers matches with other teams By Tom Bonner


And learn to proof read before pressing 'submit'. ouch!! Illiterate, of course, and weekly, not weeky... Gold star to the who spots the others!


Who on earth wrote that 'Millie' comment? While I would agree with every thing in it, I am amazed by the hybrid spelling mistakes. So.. is it genuine? A 16 year old who can spell 'brought them every pe lesson ' but has not yet mastered 'sed' is not dyslexic, nor illeterate. So I am left with the conclusion that this is not a genuine comment. I have just retired from teaching, I know the common spelling mistake patterns! I also recognise the huge weeky dread P.E. holds for so many kids. Ask for other exercise programs.... lets face it, that is all the government is promoting.. exercise. Get the school to try Dance.. yes with a capital D, as an OPTION, for heaven's sake who ever felt really alive climbing the ropes or wall bars?!! This is an important issue, along with many, regarding why our youth feel that schools do not actually serve their stakeholders. Despite student councils, administrators do not use common sense, they do not act upon the views of the students, but follow 'giudelines'. We found ways of helping every child through this process.... and ways of getting them involved in 'Exercise'. But, please,no more psuedo messages, 'Millie'


hi im onli 16 just left school that comment were it says ask the teacher to wear traky bottoms is the best 1 there wen i was at school we had a teacher who didnt let us wear tracksuit bottoms so i brought them every pe lesson and if he sed i couldnt wear them then i used to sit out a lot if over girls did this aswell most girls are insecure about them selves now days so i think its a gd idea to make pe kit track suit bottoms nd wat eva top they want u 2 wear at school xx

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