Teen boyfriend or girlfriend trouble?

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Boyfriend or girlfriend trouble
Losing a boyfriend or girlfriend, or not finding one, can make teenagers feel like failures, but there are things you can do to help your child.

Been dumped

  • Tell them it's not a reflection on them or their personality. It's just that everyone is different and it often takes time to find the right partner.
  • Say that at least they now have the opportunity to find someone nicer who will really appreciate them.

Not been asked

  • Assure them it will happen, perhaps when they're not even expecting it.
  • Do advise them there's no need to get desperate and go out with just anyone.
  • Make them laugh by telling them some silly stories about your experiences.

By parenting expert, Jane Bidder

Dislike your child's partner

  • Steer clear of Romeo and Juliet. Teens love the idea of forbidden love. There's nothing like disapproving parents to push two teens closer together.
  • Don't panic. Early relationships tend to burn out quickly - one survey showed that at 15, relationships last an average of only three or four months.
  • Don't expect rationality. Research has shown that when teenagers are in love it has a similar effect on their brains as cocaine. No wonder they're behaving oddly!

From The Parents' Book Of Checklists - From Toddlers To Teenagers by Sally Coulthard, working mum and writer

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