Four ways to turn failure into success

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Feeling disappointed or like a failure can really hit kids hard. It's important as a parent that you encourage them through bad exams or not getting picked for a team and not let them lose their confidence, even if you feel a bit disappointed yourself. Here are some tips to make your job that bit easier.

1. Help them choose a different goal. Turned down for a part in the school play? Encourage them to help backstage instead.

2. Tell them all about your own failures as a child and what it taught you.

3. Don't pass on your own fear of failing. If you feel scared for them, they'll pick up on your jitters.

4. Don't expect too much of your kids. Adults who failed to achieve significant things when they were children often expect their own offspring to do better. It's impossible to live up to constantly high expectations.

Learn your child's limits at school

We all want our children to do well, but as long as they work hard and do their best, if the best they can do is a C then that's really the best they can do. And it should be rewarded.
Penny Palmano, author of Yes, Please. Whatever! How to get the best out of your teenagers

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