How to tackle your teenager's milestones

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Teenage milestones
Saying 'no' to a hysterical toddler may have been hard enough, but faced with nose-to-nose battles with a teenager, you'll think those days were a doddle! But all is not lost. Here are some typical pleas for help from the parents of teens.. and the solutions from experts and other parents.

She's too young to go away

'My daughter wants to go on holiday with a group of friends. The trouble is, she's only 16. Although she's a sensible girl, I just can't help thinking she's too young.I don't know what to do.. help!'

The solution
Dr Helen Rodwell, who's a clinical psychologist, says, 'This is a scenario I see regularly. Teenagers have to earn your trust, but also have to know you won't be in their faces all the time. Yes, have rules, but gradually lessen them. If you allow her to go, start off by getting her to ring you every couple of hours on the first day, then eventually once a day.
'You know your child and are best placed to reach a decision with her. But don't 'tell' her anything, explanation and trust are key. And remember to ban drinking or under-age sex, and warn her not to stray from the group.'

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It worked for me
When our daughter Hannah asked to go away, we allowed her on the condition that we had the final say on the destination. We chose a two-night trip in England, and then made her promise to keep in regular contact when she was there.
Catherine Moss, 46, Uxbridge

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