The facts on ecstasy

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Teens and drugs: Ecstacy

Other names for Ecstasy

E, doves, XTC, disco biscuits, echoes, hug drug, burgers, fantasy. Chemical name: MDMA (currently many tablets contain MDEA, MDA, MBDB).

What Ecstasy looks like and how it's taken

Ecstasy usually comes as flat round tablets in different sizes and colours (but often white), which usually have small motifs embossed on them. Occasionally it may come as a capsule, which can be yellow, pink or clear and very rarely as powder or in liquid form. Ecstasy is usually swallowed, but can be snorted, smoked or injected.

The effects of Ecstasy

Users feel alert and in tune with their surroundings. Sound, colour and emotions seem much more intense and users may dance for hours. The effects can last anything from three to six hours.

The health risks

Can leave users feeling tired and depressed for days. Risk of overheating and dehydration, liver and kidney problems. Some experts are concerned that use of ecstasy can lead to brain damage, causing depression in later life.

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Legal status

Class A. Other drugs similar to ecstasy are also illegal and class A.

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