Five tips for privacy

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  • Do allow your teenager to have a lock on her door. 'One of my daughters asked for one and I was upset because I'd always respected her privacy,' says Gael Lindenfield. 'But I agreed and gave her permission to sort it out. She never bothered. I think she was testing me.'
  • Don't insist on giving them something to do when they're chilling out in their room. Kids need privacy to think things through.
  • Do let your 12-year-old bath himself without going in to check he's used soap. He'll soon learn to do it when others tell him he smells!
  • Don't feel bad if you haven't much space for privacy. They'll find their own private areas.
  • Do give even young children, from about six upwards, privacy to dress and undress themselves. Parents often assume they're incapable. But it's important for them to learn and to have some private time to themselves.

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