Infertility: Common causes, fertility treatments, IVF and more

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If you're having trouble getting pregnant, you could be feeling very upset and isolated. But 25 per cent of couples experience a period of infertility that can last up to a year with about 1 in 10 will need medical help.

So although it's a hard thing to go through, you're not alone, and support is available. While it may seem that people all around you are falling pregnant at the drop of a hat, it can take time to conceive. You only have a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month. After a year of having unprotected sex, one in seven couples won't have conceived, but 90 per cent of couples conceive within two years.

If it's not happening for you, there are some practical things you can do to help. Both you and your partner need to sex, of course!

Try to pinpoint when you ovulate (release an egg) each month, so you can make sure you're having sex at the optimum conception time. It's normally halfway through your cycle. You can buy an ovulation kit from the chemist, or you may know yourself when you ovulate - many women feel a pain in their ovary when an egg is released mid-cycle and you produce a clear, stringy mucous discharge.) Our ovulation calculator may also help you to determine your cycle.

If you're under 35 and haven't become pregnant after a year of unprotected, regular sex, then you should see your GP for fertility advice. If you're over 35, see your doctor after six months and ask for tests.

What is infertility?

Infertility is when a healthy couple can't conceive. This is called primary infertility if you've never been pregnant and secondary infertility if you've conceived in the past, but are having problems getting pregnant now.

Few couples are completely infertile. Most are subfertile, which means they have problems making a baby together, but it is possible with medical intervention. Although fertility treatment, such as IVF, offers hope for many couples, success rates are fairly low, and you may need many attempts before getting pregnant. Unfortunately, some couples do not succeed.

Common causes of infertility in women

About 50% of infertility cases happen because of problems with the woman's fertility and there are many different reasons for this - her are a few of the main ones:

Ovulation problems: trouble with releasing eggs account for about 30% of infertility problems. You can stop ovulating because of medical conditions such as an early menopause, hormone problems, ovarian cysts, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Being overweight or underweight can affect your hormone balance and ovulation, as can too much exercise. Some medication and drugs, such as cannabis, can interfere with egg production as can herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, too.

Implanting problems: sometimes the egg is released from the ovary successfully but doesn't implant in the womb. This can be due to of pelvic inflammatory disease where an infection damages the fallopian tubes. Scarring can then block the egg from getting through to the womb. Large cysts or fibroids in the womb can stop an egg from implanting too.

Endometriosis: this is a very common condition that causes 1 in 20 cases of infertility. It's where tissue from the lining of the uterus is found outside the uterus in the pelvic. This can cause scarring and heavy bleeding and affect the ovaries and uterus, so affecting your fertility.

Age: older women are less fertile. The chance of a woman conceiving after aged 35 - 39 is about half of women aged 19 - 26.

Common causes of infertility in men

About 20% of infertility cases happen because of a problem with male fertility.

Sperm disorders: these are the most common cause of male infertility. Sperm counts in the average British male have fallen by almost half in the past 60 years. A low sperm count can be caused by a number of factors from illness and side effects of medication to hormone problems. Environmental and lifestyle factors can affect sperm count too, e.g. too much heat to the testes can lower sperm count as can exposure to certain chemicals. Alcohol and drug misuse and some sexually transmitted diseases can also affect sperm count.

Testicle problems: some men have problems with sperm production because they have injured or had an infection or tumour of the testes. Some men are born with testes that can't make sperm, or make very little.

What if you need treatment?

See your GP if you're concerned. You may just need a simple hormone drug to stimulate your ovaries, or your doctor may recommend further treatment to investigate your fertility. Tests can show your hormone levels and blood count. A semen sample from your partner can be checked for sperm levels.

Other treatments, from donor sperm, to assisted conception techniques such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), where a single sperm is injected into the egg and then the embryo is placed back in the womb, will then be discussed with you.

Superovulation drugs
Suitable for: Women with ovulation problems; 'unexplained' infertility.
What happens? Clomid (taken as a pill) or Gonal-f, Menogon and Menopur (administered by injection) will be prescribed to force the ovaries to produce more eggs than usual.
Side effects: Hot flushes, mood swings, nausea and Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), a rare but potentially fatal condition.
Private cost: Clomid costs less than £10 for a prescription; the injectable drugs are around £200 per cycle.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
Suitable for: Women for whom superovulation alone hasn't worked; mild to moderate factor male infertility; unexplained infertility; PCOS; if using donor sperm.
What happens? You take superovulatory drugs and have ultrasound scans to track the development of your eggs. Once your eggs are mature, you will be given a shot of the hormone HCG to trigger ovulation; you usually have the IUI performed the day after. Your partner produces a semen sample and, an hour later, you'll have it inseminated into the uterus - this takes about 10 minutes and is pretty painless.
Private cost: Around £500, plus the cost of any superovulatory drugs.

IVF treatment

Around 24,000 couples opt for IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment every year in the UK. About 8000 babies are conceived through IVF procedures, which involve removing eggs from the woman's ovaries and mixing them with either her partner's or a donor's sperm to fertilise. The fertilised eggs are then put back in the womb.

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Do keep in mind that NHS treatment availability varies throughout the UK. You're entitled to at least one NHS cycle of IVF, but you may have to fund subsequent treatments yourself, which can be expensive. You could need several IVF treatments before you conceive and there's no guarantee then that you will end up with a baby. IVF treatment is quite gruelling and can take a lot out of a couple, so get as much help and support from family and friends or support groups as you can, and do be prepared for disappointment. Only about one in three women will become pregnant with IVF and some of these pregnancies will fail. Choose a clinic that is licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which regulates and inspects all clinics.

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i am a 24 year old female currently at university but live at home with my partner we have been trying for 2 and a half years i found this article helpful and have visited my GP he advised me to attend again in a couple of years and not to worry i have had no blood tests or received any relevant info regarding this. as you can imagine it has left me feeling like there is no help out there available other than the internet. xx many thanks xx

carrie lamb

we have been trying for 4 years i am 24 we both smoke would that have something to do with it


My partner and i have been trying for 3 Months after having a coil removed, we have used an ovulation test this month, now have fingers crossed, as i am 34, how long should we wait before we go to the doctor for advice or fertility tests if we dont conceive?


i am a 19 year old female i have been in a relationship for 4 years now and we have been trying for a baby for nearly 2 year and we having got any where at all we have both been to the doctors we r both fine all my bloods are ok and my partner sperm is fine i am having problems copping with it i keep breaking down and crying all the time every time i walk in a shop i go striaght to the baby bit and ging looking at prams n things i am having a very hard time its getting my down and depressed what can i do?

rebecca boddy

i found the article very helpfull, many thanks.


I am 21 and my partner is 26, we have been together for almost 5 years and we have been trying for a baby for 3 years of that time, nothing has happened we got reffered to a infertility clinic and they have found that there is only a slight chance of m ever falling pregnant, and we have been referred to a hospital nearby to get some information on IVF, i am finding this very hard to cope with i hardly sleep but seem to over eat most days and feel guilty for it i also suffer form minor depression and it is all getting on top of me, we are desperate to have a child but see this as impossible. and we cannot afford IVF treatment as it is so expensive! :( if any1 is in the same boat as me and my partner please feel free to drop a message on here and i will give u my email address and we can discuss our issues together at a time like this i think people in the same position should talk xxxx thank you for taking the time to read this xxxx


I am a 24 year old female and have been with my partner for 9 yrs. i went on the pill when i was 14 and came off it about a year and half ago as we decided to try for a baby, but nothing is happening. When i was younger my periods were irregular and that is the reason i went on the pill. Now im off my period is normal some months but not others so i dont know when is the best time to try. I am supposed to go for some blood tests to see if i am ovulating but havent been able to so far as i have been coming on my period just before the date of the test. Do you have any advise for me? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


I am 34 and my Husband is 35 we have been trying about 9 months. We have had test and been told I have poor eggs and that I am only producing about 4 a month. We was also told that my partner has a low count of sperm. we have been offered IVF, is there anything we can do to get pregnant without IVF?


i m 26 years old and my husband is of 28 years old. we got marriage 2 years later. after 8 months i got pregnant, bt there was no cardiac activity of the baby in womb, then i got abortion, after that for 6 months we didnt try for a baby bt we didnt use any contraceptive, now we are trying to concieve bt no luck,,,, i hav got torch test as told by gynaecologist and my husband test was also normal, will u tell me plz why it is becoming late, we are trying a lot, what to do plz tell me, i m getting gynae doc is giving me a frtyle and duphastan tablets, why they are given to me.what to do, how can i concieve tell me plz

Anne-Marie Millar

Hey there, I am nearly 20 and have been trying for a baby for about a year now with my partner. I was on the pill for 5 years and came off before trying for a baby. My periods are regular but recently they have been EXTREMELY painful and I am worried incase there is anything wrong with me. I told my GP about trying for a baby and he said the NHS cant do anything as I havent been trying for 2 years. Is this correct? I am really worried as a family is the only thing I want in life.


I'm 17 and my partner of 20 have been trying for a baby for 6 months now. My periods were regulare 28 as I was on the pill. In the past I have come off the pill and periods stay the same around 28 days. The last like I come off about 6-7 months ago. And no they just come when they want to like last month was 43 days. So I don't no when I'm ovulating. But me and my partner have sex nearly every day because we enjoy it. But still for the past 6 months having unpertected sex throught out the whole months still no joy. I'm currently using the persona monitor but don't no if that will work due to the period times. Is there anything you can suggest to do or no do. We both smoke but have reduced how much no and I no we should stop. We don't don't drink.thanks

Rahul bose

I am 35 years old and my wife is 30. We are doing unprotected sex since last one year but she is not conceiving.She is very much active and we get optimum satisfaction while doing sex but no result.Please help.


Hi am 29 year old female and Iam in a relationship for several months now. But several years back had an abortion because of college then four years later I became pregnant again but unfortunately, I had mis-carriage. Two years after I conceived again and due to complications had to go for an abortion. But now am desperate to become pregnant and I have been having un-protected sex so that I can conceive again, even at times it has been the most ovulation days. But because of what I have been through with past pregnancy complications (abortions) will I be able to conceive again? If not do you any advice what can I do?


A good article. My wife and I are both 36 and desparately trying for our second child. Our first child took 18 months to conceive, probably because I smoked at the time. The next time it took only 4 months but my wife miscarried which was devestating. It has been six months since then and it just feels we are running out of chances. We are going to have to go through the pain of "baby 2's" due date in January without another baby on the way which will be very painful. It feels like other mothers get pregnant at the drop of a hat, my wife burries her head in the sand but I just want to "do something" about it. I can't even be near people with 2 or more kids because they make me angry and resentful.


im a 27yrs old, ive got a girl aged 4, me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 2yrs, but recently ive been diagnosed with pcos. im on tablets called provera to help me get my periods back, but ive just had my blood tests back and they state that i did not ovulate last month, my doctor was supposed to prescribe me with clomid tablets but now they have refered me back to another hospital, is there anything else i can take to make me ovulate on my own without waiting for the doctors to get back to me as ive been under them for nearly a year now and they dont seem to be doing anything for me???? please help as this is really getting me down. as i think my time is running out because i'll be hitting the 30 mark soon. thank you.


Hi, My Husband and I already have one child together. She is 2, and getting pregnant with her just seemed so easy. I had a C-section with her. Now we are trying for baby # 2 and have been trying for probably about 6 months now and no luck. I have gained weight since then too. I am 26 and my husband is also 26. I was wondering if having a C-section could jepordize my chance of getting pregnant as easily? And also the weight that I have gained, could that be another factor too?


Hi, i am a 23 year old female and have been married for almost a year now. shortly after getting married my husband and i decided to start trying for a family. before we were married i was on the depo injection for almost 3 years and we have been having unprotected sex for 9 months now with no luck. i understand that it can take upto a year for things to get 'back to normal' but i was wondering if there was anything i could do to help us conceive. any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


hi mynames vikki i'm 20 and my partner is 30 we' ve been seeing eachother for 2 years noe and decided to start trying for a baby about 12 mnths ago and as yet no luck! ( i know you all gonna hate me for this)i had an abortion when i was 16 and my mother told me then that there was a high chance of me not been able to concieve in the future. could anybody tell me if this is true? my partner knows all about it and keeps telling me its not my fault but i just cant help blaming myself and its getting me down. everybody in my family has loads of kids and this is the only thing i can think of why am not getting pregnant.


I am 37 years old and my partner and i have been trying for a baby for 6 months. I have been following all your advice about healthier lifestyle, i know exactly when i ovulate but still nothing. My partner is 42 and has 2 young children from a prerviously marriage, so i know he is probably fine. I have had surgery 2 yrs ago for endometriosis and endometriomas and told that although damage was caused to my fallopian tube, they were tested and were patent at this time. I have since had a smear and was told i had a large cervical cyst which was obstructing my cervix and i have been told that the plan is to lazer the cyst. Could the position of this cyst be preventing the semen from reaching my uterus? Or could it possibly be the surgery 2 yrs ago that has affected me becoming pregnant?




im 29 had an etopic 6 years ago and cant get pregant since im with my parter 5 and a half years we want a baby so bad i have watched all my family an friends have babies wat can i do


I am 27 years old im still on the pill me and my husband want to try for a baby, However when is the best time to come off it and when do we start. This really scares me incase i cant have children ive always been so paranoid about this i know i shouldnt i guess, as i havent even tried yet. Need advice?


hi my name is lynne i already have a family of 3 i am 38 and im desperatly along with my husband trying for another child our youngest is 12 i no im luckier than some to already have children. i have been off of the pill now for 6 months can you give me some advice on why its taking us so long to get pregnant this time around. thank you so much

Michelle Jones

Hi, me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 4 years now, we went to our GP and we had tests done, we have been told my partner has slow sperm mobility. We have been told we will have to have IVF but it really scares me can anyone give me any encouragement with regards IVF!! x


Like may of the letters posted myself and my partner have been trying to concieve for 18 months now with no joy.Both of us get dissapointed every month with no glimpse of hope.People seem to be pregnant all around me and we just have no luck, i dont want our relationship to suffer just because we long for a child of our own.


I am 27 and my partener 29,we have been trying for a baby for 5 years now,we have had 2 lots of failed fertility treatments,my docter says this is probaly becouse im producing poor quility eggs,but nobody has told me i cant have children,so i will always have hope.all of my docters have been wonderfull,and have been a great support.and anyone who has been trying to concieve for more than 2 years deserves this and has the right to ask there gp for referals to there hospital.


i am 20 my partner is 27, we have been together 5 years and we have just started tryin for a baby again this year. i have always wanted a baby. i wanted a baby last year we tried but it didnt happen. i wanted it so bad everytime i thought i was, i just was let down. i got depressed and didnt even want to have sex. do bigger woman have more problems gettin pregnant?


hi, my names angela, me and my hubby have been trying for a baby for 10 years with no joy. We have both had two IVF treatments which both failed. We have run out of funds to have more treatment. Im 31 my husband is 32. Everyone around us has young children or are having babies. It really is upsetting for us. Though we just smile, deep down we both keep asking when will it be our turn. People and family dont really understand how you feel as they havent been threw it. Please have a second opinion from the doctors or hospitals which you might attend as we were both told that we were fine at the first hospital and that I had a high FSH and my husband had low sperm count at the second hospital. Im due to go in for a small opp next week to check for a blocked tube, cysts and endometreosis. So please dont give up I havent. The funny thing is this month I havent had a period in the last 44 days, but Im to scared to do a test. Hope I can help someone out there.


i am 20 me and my partner have been together 2 and a half years, we started trying for a baby last year and after 11 months of trying and getting nowhere i couldn't take the heartache and depresion anymore so we stopped trying for a while then 3 months ago we decided to start trying again and it just seems its not going to happen i don't know what to do everyone in my family has always caught within 5 months of trying


This article has been very helpfull My partner and I have been tryig for 2.5 years and no luck yet i;m 27 and he's 28


I am 26 years. My fiancé and I are willing to have a baby. We see off and on , because we leave two countries apart. (Work) I had my period on the 14th of July and it was due to the 14th of August. But I had sex from the 9th to the 13th. Three times a day. But on the 14th I felt sick with heavy cramps and later the afternoon , my period arrived. But it was not not heavy. I’m not pregnant and I don’t know why. I’ve had a miscarriage last year.( ectopic pregnancy). We have tried everything ( positions, doctors etc) We both want kids but I don’t know what’s the matter. He got kids by another mother. So I don't think his the problem. We both not overweight, we exercise not on a regular base but he does more than me( football, running for him), sometimes gym for me, we both healthy. I Do need help please!! This is driving me insane n I'm getting more depressed.


Do you have to pay them to do this? I am also in the same picture. Hope this will help me.


Is this for real?

Ami Derick

My name is mrs Jane. IT was all like a dream when I got pregnant. I will testify to the whole word on how I was abel to bear children after 25years of bareness. Prophet .Awase did it all. I lost my womb when I got miscarriage. the doctor said I was unable to bear children. But today, I have 2 kids. It all happened through the help of Dr Ami Ami who by his power,made it possible for me to bear my own children. You might need his help also contact him on: prot Awase you are the best.


I want to testify to everyone on how my husband and i got children after our 5years of marriage. we got married and we could not conceive a child we have been to several hospitals for checking and the doctors always say that we are okay that nothing is wrong with us, we have been hoping for a child, my husband was beginning to keep late night outside and pressure from the family for him to marry another wife and divorce me, i was always crying and weeping because i was loosing my marriage. so i visited my friend in Florida and she told me that she also have been through this same situation but she got her help of getting her own child from a great priest of fertility from Africa, so she told me that she will contact me to the priest and he will do some fertility spell for me to have my own child, i spent 4days with her in Florida and we both email the priest and he said i should bring all my information to him and he said in 2days after the spell will be completed. so i waited and i went back made love with my husband and i conceive. so i am very greatful to the priest for his help and miracle that help me save my marriage. please for same help, conatct him on


I am 36 year I been trying to get preancy I lost a baby in 2012 I was 8 week preancy could you tell me how long it take me to get preancy again I been trying but nothing happen


You should not be trying to have a baby now. It's just stupid. Maybe you aren't getting pregnant because you should NOT be reproducing at your age. smdh. Finish school so you don't end up having a baby that has to grow up in poverty with an unwed single mother that didn't graduate high school.


I am 29 year old and my partner is 33 we have been trying for a baby for the last 6 years. I have had all the treatment done and there is nothing wrong with me although my partner has a low sperm count. Does anyone know any home remedies that could help him with bring on his sperm up. Thanks if you do :) x

linda choup



Having been trying for about an year,but stil no result of getting pregnant.Have regular periods,not sure whether i ovulate or not.........


Hi, Im 40 this year and having conceived twice without too much trouble in the past my partner and i are having no luck whatsoever. Obviously we are wondering if the fact that we are both almost 40 (my partner has never had children) could be a major factor or are we worrying too soon. Weve been trying for around 3 months now and i last conceived around 5 years ago. Any comments/advice would be appreciated.


hi i had been married since 3 and half years ago, since then i am trying to concieve. my age is 34 years now, my hormonal reports including FSH,LH,estrogen and thyriod function tests are normal, my diagnostic laproscopy is also normal and my husbands semen analysis is also normal. my serum prolactin levels are normal, but i have got breast tenderness and secretion after ovulation upto my periods. i have underwent three cycles of IUI without any success. now i am worried what to do? please give me possible reasons for this delay and what should be the future course of action.


H&#195&#132&#194&#177 Im 25 years old and my Partner &#195&#132&#194&#177s 20 years old we are trying for a baby for nearly 1 year now and nothing...&#195&#132&#194&#176 have a daughter from a previous partner is worried he has a problem what do we do? thanks


hi, i'm 21 and my husband is 27, we have been trying for a baby for 2 years now and still nothing. i fell pregnant with a previous boyfriend before i met my husband but miscarried, i'm afraid to go to the doctor as i am terrified he will say its my fault and we both really want to be parents very much. is there anything i can do to help things along?? please help.

gina peart

i am a 21 year old female i have been with my boyfriend since i was 14 we have been trying since i was 17 and nothing has happend im really worried that i am infertile as all my friends just seem to get pregnant so easy and i dont see why its so hard for me i am frightend to go to the doctors as i guess i deep down i dont want to hear the ovious x


hi i am 38 yrs old and my partner is 25yrs old...we have been trying to concieve for 18 mnths now....last sep i had a lap and dye test and everything was tubes are not blocked and im ovulating b/f had a a test and hes sperm are normal.ive got 2 children from a previous relationship which i conceived fine so was just wondering if any1else has had this trouble getting pregnant?


My husband and i have been married 3 years... we've been trying to have a baby ever period is regular, i dont smoke or drink etc etc etc never have.. my husband has gone for a check up and everything is normal.. for a very long time i've always loved eating chocolates, even till now... could that be the reason why i'm not pregnant yet? i missed my period twice, once in late 2007 and the other dec2009.. but they were false alarms...but it made me cry nonetheless..


myself and my husband have been trying now for 5 months, i know compared to some couples this isnt long but i feel like everyone else gets pregnant so easily and even though we made lifestyle changes, lost weight, came off the pill 5 years ago, stopped smoking years ago, got married, got money together in order to provide for our family, you know do things properly, none of these seem to help, i cant help feeling a little bitter when i see 'parents' that dont try have more luck than us. i try to stay poitive and like other readers dont want this to consume my marriage but it seems to get harder staying positive with every period that comes. but i suppose its down to luck and science, wish us luck

donna bloomer

Myself an partner have been tryin for over 2 & half years now im 23 we have 2 children already my 1st pregnancy ended in misscaridge the 2nd i had my son the 3rd my daughter and the 4th another misscaridge in april i find it really hard sometimes because its taken 2&half years of tryin and gettin pregnant and then to have another misscaridge. Theres nothing wrong with me as ive had a scan and nothin wrong with my partner as he's help make 4 pregnancys and 2 wonderfull children but i cant seem to get pregnant again and couldnt go through another 2& half years of trying i went to the doctors after 1 year &4 months of trying all's the doctor could say was KEEP TRYING thats all you can do, we have and still nothing would love some adivce back.


hi all im 37 yrs old and my partner is 24....i have 2 children from a previous relationship...i came of the pill 9 months ago after being on it for 9 yrs as me and my partner would luv a baby....nothings happened,i had blood tests to see if i was ovulating which i am....ive got a hospital appointment next week to see if my tubes are blocked.would just like to know if this is normal after being on the pill for so took 6 months to concieve with my 2nd daughters are 16 & 10.would like any advice if poss.thank you


Hi i am 21 years old and my partner of 3 years is 28, we have been trying for a baby for about 18 months now and I still have not fallen pregnant. I know people will say that i am still young and I shouldnt be worried about getting pregnant but its what we both want and we would love to be parents. I cant understand why I cant get pregnant as we are both healthy and we have sex nearly everyday. It seems as though everyone around us is getting pregnant straight away. Its really getting me down as I cant stop thinking if there is something wrong with one or either of us. I am a little worried to see my doctors as Im not sure what to expect. What should we do?


I am 28, husband 32. My little boy is now 4 soon will be 5. After having him I did the patch for 3 months then quit. No protection now for almost 4 years still no luck. Going to a specialist which is really costly. Only thing they found so far was left tube blocked but they opened it up. Gave us hope, but 4 more months now no luck. Really gets to be upseting. Agree with you taryn, totally in gods hands. Would love to chat sometime seems our story close to the same.


Im not sure how many people read the above article but it does say that there is only a 20% chance the ANY of us can conceive each month. Thats not a very good chance. Also, all these young girls..17,18,19,20 trying to have a baby!! You girls need to find a better hobby. Yes, you can have a baby if you want but really understand what it takes to raise a child. the patientince,the maturity, the expenses...I was 22 when I had my first child had been married a year when i conceived and although we weren't trying to have a baby now that i look back we weren't using protection so it was a shooting in the dark type thing. Im getting so frustrated im 27 now my sons 4 and My husband and I have been trying for the past few months and it is very discouraging when you want that baby so bad and its just not happening. I tend to think is there something wrong with there something wrong with my husband?? I have read and heard that if you take pre natal pills when you are trying it heightens your chances so that is something that i will be trying here next. Remember this is all in God's hands so stay strong,be patient,and have faith. Please post if you have already posted your frustrations and have became pregnant it would be great to see a sucess story.


I have just found in the last few days that I will be unable to conceive due to damaged fallopian tubes I too am finding it very hard to cope with the fact that the only chance I have is IVF. The treatments are expensive with low success rates and the treatment itself is not as straight forward as I imagined. I am so angry at the moment as this could have been picked up years ago when I was having investigations for something else and it turns out they were likely investigating the wrong thing so could have been prevented. I do not know which way to turn at the moment and finding it all so hard to cope with. I would like to talk to anyone who is in the same situation maybe we can help each other


i am a 18 year old female i have been with my partner since i was 14 i got pregnant when i was 15 and i got made by my parents to have a termination which gets me really depressed, me and my boyfriend have been trying about a year now with no luck im really worried incase im infertile any1 have any suggestions thanks lisa x

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