Should I let him stay the night?

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'My daughter wants her new boyfriend to stay the night, they're both 16. I don't know if I can cope with it!'

The solution
Stay calm. If you decide to let him stay, tell them both that it'll only happen if they're careful. On the other hand, you can say no, but explain why. Or compromise.. he can stay the night, but in a separate room.

It worked for me
I wasn't happy, but we got through it. I'd rather know my daughter, Alice, was protected and in a safe environment. Also, it helped that she was in a steady relationship.
Helen Barnett, 52, Coggeshall

He wants to get a motorbike

'My son is 17 and wants to get a motorbike. Every fibre of my being screams 'no,' but am I just being over cautious?'

The solution
Seventeen-year-olds can only ride bikes up to 125cc, need a provisional licence and must pass the Compulsory Basic Training test. 'Most teenage boys want a bike simply to get around,' says psychologist Dirk Flower. 'Offering to pay for car driving lessons is usually a good solution.'

Is a tattoo too much?

'Help! My 14-year-old girl has asked if she can get a tattoo. I'm in two minds about it.'

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The solution
Some tattooists may refuse to do under-18s, or will require parental consent. But if you do let her, encourage her to go for something discreet. And go with her, to make sure she gets a qualified tattooist. Or suggest a temporary one, and re-visit her decision in a few months or so.

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