'Our son was terrified of letting us down'

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Terrified of letting us down
My son Joel, 15, has always done well at school, but when it came to his GCSEs, he felt utterly overwhelmed by his coursework. He never left it to the last minute but, because he wanted to do well, he spent too much time mulling over everything and working himself up into a frenzy.

This built up over a couple of months and although I knew Joel was stressed, I didn't realise how badly it was affecting him. He lost his appetite and his temper was foul.

My husband John took him fishing early one morning and used this time to chat to him 'man to man'. They came back that evening and I could sense a change. Joel had explained to John he was afraid of letting us down if he didn't do well.

After that, we made sure Joel knew we'd always be proud of him, no matter what his grades as long as he did his best.

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Now whenever Joel feels stressed, my husband takes him fishing or off to play football for a while. It calms him down and reminds him we're there for him whatever happens.
Colleen Nathan, 45, Chester, Cheshire

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