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The Little Chicks
In this game, children enjoy acting out the words of the song while, at the same time, using their imagination to think how the chick feels. The little chicks say 'pio pio pio' when they are hungry. (rub your tummy)
And when they are cold. (hug your arms around you and shiver)
The mother hen looks for corn and wheat (move your head up and down, as if pecking for corn)
She gives them food and grants them shelter (hold out your hand, then wrap your arms around yourself)
Under mama's wings, huddling up (put your arms around
your little one)
Sleep little chicks until the next day! (then put your face on your hands and close your eyes)


Pretty Little Child (Niño Bonito)
This game is similar to that old favourite, This Little Piggy Went To Market, except that you wiggle one of your baby's fingers with each line, rather than her toes.

In English:
Pretty little child (wiggle your baby's little finger)
Little ring finger (wiggle her ring finger)
Little silly one (wiggle her middle finger)
Lick little plate (wiggle her index finger)
Get rid of little flea! (wiggle her thumb, and tickle her
at the same time)

Little Wolf (El Lobito)
In this game, all the children form a circle, with one child designated to be the wolf. As the children ask what the wolf is doing, he has to think of as many different replies as he can to show he's getting ready to appear. The idea is that the other children don't know how many times they have to ask the question before the wolf comes to get them, so they're taken by surprise.

All the children chant:
Let's play in the woods,
until the wolf appears.
If he does, he will eat us
all whole! What are you
doing little wolf?

Continued below...

The wolf replies:
I am putting on my shoes (everyone mimes putting on their shoes)
Children chant again:
What are you doing little wolf?
The wolf replies:
I am getting dressed (everyone mimes getting dressed)
Children chant again:
What are you doing little wolf?
The wolf replies:
I am cleaning my teeth. (everyone mimes cleaning their teeth)
Children chant again:
What are you doing little wolf?
The wolf replies:
I am coming to eat a child! (everyone runs away, and
whoever the wolf catches is the wolf next time!)
Uthupazana, five
(repeat twice)

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