Getting your child to sleep in their own bed

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Toddler sleeping
For quick results, set aside a few days when it doesn't matter if you're tired, such as a weekend. When your child wakes up and comes into your bed, take them straight back. Offer them a drink of water if they want one but not juice, which might be worth waking up for! Settle them down and then go back to your own room. If they get up again, repeat this over and over again. It might be rather tiring, but eventually it will work.

For a more gradual solution, take them back to their own bed, stay with them for a short time, slowly decreasing the amount of time that you stay.

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A more unusual approach is to wake him during the night before he normally wakes himself. Give him a drink, settle him down again and hopefully he'll stay there. Gradually stop waking him and you might break the habit.
Professor John Pearce, author of the Baby And Toddler Sleep Programme (Vermilion, £7.99)

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