Tackle the teacher

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If netball and cross-country are the only activities on the timetable, maybe it's time for you to talk to the PE teacher. 'If children really hate PE, it could be because it isn't exciting enough,' says Carole. 'So it's up to the teacher to get the class motivated.'

Is it fair?

Watch out for unreasonable or humiliating behaviour from teachers, warns Stuart Biddle, professor in exercise and sport at Loughborough University. 'It isn't fair to make a child run three times round the gym or field because he's come last.

Ask whether there are non-competitive activities. These can help your child set his own personal goals instead of worrying how well classmates are doing.'

Do they get enough?

Kids can also flag if there isn't enough sport in the curriculum to get them hooked, says Professor Craig Mahoney, professor of sport at Wolverhampton University. 'The average schoolchild at primary and secondary level only gets 20 minutes a week of PE. If this is the case with your child, write to the board of governors.'

Get fit yourself!

Try not to let your own experiences put off your kids. 'You'll do them a favour if you can get them interested in sport,' adds Professor Biddle. 'If you get excited about snowboarding, squash or jogging, your enthusiasm might well rub off.'

My kids hate PE, should I write them sick notes?

Professor Craig Mahoney, professor of sport at the University of Wolverhampton, says: 'No, I don't think writing sick notes is right, even if you mean well. That's just deferring the problem rather than facing it. Set them a good example instead.

Research shows that the more active a parent is (and especially the mother) the more her children will enjoy sport. I know it's difficult but try taking them out for a bike ride at the weekend, or go down to the park for tennis. You'll be actively demonstrating to them that sport can be very good fun.

Try talking to the PE teacher and find out what she does. Some teachers tend to concentrate their efforts on star pupils who are in teams or likely to win awards. This can mean that less able pupils are ignored. Explain that you'd like your children to be more interested and ask the PE teacher what can be done about it.'

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hi, is there anyone that can help a.s.a.p. my grandson has just gone to secondary school and he is refusing to go to P.E. CLASS My daughter was sent a letter from school saying that they have noticed that he seems to have every illness under the sun and teacher so far has allowed him to sit out. He goes to martial arts all sorts of medals but hates it.His dad takes him swimming hates that doesn't like to ride a bike but will at a push. All he seems to want is to be a recluse and play x box. School have now offered for him to join 14others with same problem but he will have to miss out on important study. Dad rides a bike mum runs every day and brother loves P.E. Tried the bribes which I don't like doing and now its causing terrible problem in the house . Any suggestions??

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