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It's a strange feeling coming home alone, or with one less child, and it's natural to feel anxious about them. One thing's certain: if your child skips away without a backward glance you'll be gutted, thinking she doesn't need you any more; and if she clings to you for dear life you'll be equally devastated, worrying about how she'll cope on her own.

But take heart, because it's the same for everyone. Focus on what's to come: child-free shopping and conversations that have a beginning, middle and end! And don't forget, the school or nursery will always contact you if your child has a problem.

Home time

Even if your child seems to have found the whole experience a breeze, odds are she'll be very tired and need some extra attention and cuddles.

Being away from you is a big adjustment to make, so be ready for tears or a few tantrums. It doesn't mean there's a problem; she may just need extra reassurance for a while. Be supportive and stay positive, and if your child seems really tired, bring bedtime forward by half an hour until she adjusts.

According to Rachel, mum to Lucy, now 6, 'When Lucy first started school, she didn't want to go to ballet or swimming any more; she just wanted to be at home with me. So I cancelled all her activities and we spent time together instead.'

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