Ways to help your child

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Get them checked

Whatever kind of speech problem your child has, ask for his hearing to be checked even if he passed his previous check. Your doctor can then refer you to the audiology department of your local hospital for more advanced tests than those usually offered by health visitors.

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Ways you can help your child

  • Deliberately try to make eye contact with your child before you speak to him. Squat down so you're on his level.
  • Don't overtalk. Allow some silence.
  • Make use of easy and familiar words for daily routines, such as ' All gone!' or ' More' at mealtimes.
  • Help your child to listen. Point out the birds, singing, dogs barking, doors opening and so on.
  • Don't try to talk when the TV or radio is on.
  • Explain to the rest of your family the importance of taking turns when talking.

(Advice given by Camden and Islington Community Health Services NHS Trust.)

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