'I panicked when my two year old stopped eating'

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George, 2, and Sophie, 1
My son George had always loved his food but when he turned two, he suddenly stopped eating almost completely. I've also got a one-year-old daughter, Sophie, and even she was eating more than him.

Some days George was only eating a couple of mouthfuls a day and I was really worried. But the more I wanted to fatten him up, the less he seemed to eat.

In the end, I asked my home visitor for advice. She said as long as George was still pooing and had lots of energy, I shouldn't worry.

Normally I'd sit and watch George as he ate his lunch and dinner alone but the health visitor told us to try something different. I started having my lunch at the same time as George and in the evenings, when my husband Dan got home from work, we all had dinner together as a family. When George saw us eating our dinners, he definitely wanted to eat more.

I think the main thing is not to make a big deal out of food otherwise kids will pick up on that. If they're hungry, they'll eat eventually. Just try not to worry about it in the meantime.
Hannah Ditch, 33, a mum of two from South London

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- 'I panicked when my two-year-old stopped eating!' 

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my 2 year old son stopped eating nearly 3 weeks ago,me and my wife have tried all sorts of method to make him eat but none seems to work,at most he'll take a spoonful and hold it up in his mouth for what seems to be eternal,i've been to the doctosr and was told there is nothing wrong,am really glad to read this articles and to know that i'm not alone but am still worried....a bit anyway

Emma Thorpe

I feel better that I am not alone in this! I have a 27 month old daughter who is hardly eating anything. She will only have toast, plain pasta, smily faces (potato), fruit, fromage frais and cheese, oh and of course chocolate and chrisps! An average day will be about 1/5 of this. We've tried fussing, not fussing and coercion, none of which works. She simply cries and covers her mouth if you try and put something in her mouth. How do I get her to eat vegetables, she knows what they all are, but won't even try them? We do sit down and eat together in the evening and she sees what we are eating, but she is not interested in even trying to eat it, whether we put a small portion down for her or whether we give her her own food. She is still full of energy but I'm at my wits end! Help!


I have a 2 year old son & he has recently stopped eating also! He's never been a real big eater, very pickie, but i could always get him to eat french fries & chicken nuggets. Now he eats maybe 2 handfuls of fries a day and a few cheese puffs. The ladies at his daycare tell me everyday "he didnt eat again today" & i feel like they are looking at me like it's my fault! So glad that this is kind of "normal" for toddlers!


my 2-year old will not eat anything it's been over a month now,my doctor said give her pediasure she drank it once refuses now.when she dont eat i give her milk to have something in her stomach but its not much not sure what to do anymore


Josh is 2 and had always been a good eater, now has a fit when it is time to eat. He wont even get in his seat. I got a booster seat instead of high chair hoping that would help, but it didn't. Some days he will eat one good meal, he does love his snacks so we try to keep it healthy, fruits or yogurt. When he does eat he will eat his favorites such as tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, brocolli,corn and chicken nuggets. So I figure he eats more than some kids and long as he looks healthy he will eventually grow out of the fits.

Gretta Hillary

Well hello there my son is 22 months he is a fussynot bad eater. He would eat perfect in the mornng and have a good dinner as well but when it comes to eat in the evening he will eat nothing at all. Its so hard because when it comes to put him down to bed he will drink his bottle but then will be up 2/3 times in the night wanting milk whick by now he should be sleeping the night. What shall i do? Is this normal for a 22months and should i be worried at all the fact he is eating enought. Please help as i am at my withs end in the morning getting up for work is a killer.


My 2 year old daughter Molly has also stopped eating. She has never been a big eater, but now has no interest in food, even the smarties I was desperate to get down her just so that she had eaten 'something'. We have alwasy eaten together and I try and have the same as her, which is hard when your dieting, but she starts to get upset when I ask her to sit at the table with me. The only way I can get her to eat something is to distract her with a book or toy and pop something in her mouth while she is distracted. It's good to know I am not on my own!


My son (now 10) refused to eat anything but chicken, toast and yoghurt (not together) when he was about 2 years old, and refused to even try anything else. I did not make an issue of his eating infront of him - although I found it quite upsetting at times - and fed him what I knew he would eat, plus multi vitamins for my peace of mind! Once he started having lunch at nursery and saw other children eating he did start to eat more things - and this improved agin when he started school. Now at the grand old age of 10 he's fit and healthy and he eats anything and everything - there are times now when I wish he'd stop eating!! I think if you make a big issue out of eating - it becomes and 'issue' with the child.


I have a 2year old daughter who also does not eat much. I have tried everything from fussing to not fussing, we always eat together but in my experience, you can't force them, they will eat when they want to and no matter how much fuss you make it will not change them, in fact it makes them worse. I'm now to the point where i have to chase lyla round the kitchen to get her to eat. I find it so helpful to know i'm not the only one going through this as most of lyla's friends are good eaters so it makes me feel quite alone and frustrated. Gen mom to Lyla 2

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