'I'm pregnant with twins thanks to IVF!'

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Twins IVF
Trying for a baby through IVF can be emotionally, physically and financially draining, but if and when it's successful the reward is the greatest it can be.

We spoke to Sarah Leech, 36, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne who got pregnant with twins through IVF, to find out what that moment feels like when you finally get a positive result!

Here's her story...

Sarah's experience of having twins through IVF

We tried to get pregnant naturally for seven years and it was heartbreaking. I cried for days every month when my period came and my husband Luke found it doubly hard, comforting me and dealing with his own unhappiness.

The worst thing was the doctors couldn't tell us why we couldn't conceive. All the tests showed we were normal - it was just 'unexplained infertility'.

Every time a friend of family member fell pregnant it got harder and harder. It got to the point where I'd feel like battering pregnant women I was so jealous. I couldn't even bring myself to see my niece and nephew when they were little babies.

We'd talked about IVF but were really reluctant to try it. We didn't have the money for a start but also my friend Danielle had gone through it six times before it finally worked and we'd seen what it did to her.

But when I inherited some money from my gran, we decided to give it a go. I was in my mid thirties already and I knew it was now or never. We decided to go private to give ourselves the best shot. It cost £3,700 for just one go! It meant the pressure was huge but we tried to stay calm.

I had to take what's called a 'down-regging' drug to shut down my reproductive system. You take it in the form of a nasal spray then when the time's right, you start injecting to kick-start your body into ovulating again.

I had to keep going for blood tests and scans to check my eggs were growing. I didn't want to tell my boss what we were doing so that was another good thing about going private - they could give me really early morning appointments.

They put me under general anaesthetic to harvest the eggs. They ended up removing about 18 but only fertilised six. Two days later, I went to have them inserted. It was only like having a smear test done.

The next two weeks were the longest of my life. When I finally did a pregnancy test, I didn't think for one minute it would have worked. When it turned positive, I did four more tests before I believed it.

Continued below...

Luke was over the moon like me. Then six weeks later I went for a scan and they found two heartbeats not one! I'm having twins! They're due in January and everyone's so excited, especially my mum. I'd tell anyone thinking of trying IVF to have a go but be warned, it is a rollercoaster. I don't know how we'd have coped if it hadn't worked - emotionally or financially.

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Oh Sarah, your story is the so like as ours. We share your joy. I am 8mths pregnant with twins from 2nd (and always to be the final attempt) on the NHS. I was so convinced the 1st round would succeed; unexplaineded fertlility, really healthy couple, responded well in the treatment - it nearly finished me when it failed. I really did not want to take up the 2nd attempt and did it with my eyes shut - hated every minute, resented it, buried my head in work trhoughout. So convinced it would not work that I refused to go for the final blood test. When we found out it had worked, we sat in the hospital in silence and could only say how did that happen? We had convinced ourselves so much that we were not going to have a positive outcome. Then there were two and we seemed to hold our breath for months, I thought they would disappear, could not say the word 'pregnancy', husband could not talk about it. Then it started to become real and now at 35wks - and feeling so close to holding our babies - we can believe it. My heart goes out to all of you reading this site - we are certainly one of the lucky ones. Kitty - 37 yrs old


Hi Everyone this Is my 1st post I've been doing lots of emotional reading lately as Im due for My 1st attempt at IVF/ICIs shortly at Newcastle Fertility Centre on the NHS also (next app 2 weeks away). Im 24 and have been with my partner for 10 years he is now 28, unfortuatley we have been unable to conceive natuarally due to M Motility/Form problems. We too are excited and nervous at the prospect of the fertility drugs and processes and are even more scared at the thought of it not working. Just like to congratulate everyone who's has or had good news and Good Luck and all the best to everyone else. My partner and I are staying positive and trying to talk lots to ease the stress and be a team fingers and toes crossed we'll share a little Miracle shortly god permitting xx


My first try with IVF and 6 weeks 2 days pregnant with twins.


Thank you for sharing this story! My husband & I are facing the possibility of having to go through this treatment, and is really helpful to be able to read real life stories about it! Let's hope we can be succesful too!


after God we r realy thank ful to ivf n all the staf


Hi, i am new on this site. i had done icis, waiting for my two weeks and it has been a long wait ever.wish me luck!! thanks


i am starting my injections this wk,it has been along process but i am excited to be finally getting started. i will be gutted if it doesnt work but i am very optimistic as i have heard many success stories and the best thing you can do is stay positive. anyone who has ivf i wish you the best of luck


getting ready for 5th ivf cycle two failed cycles two cancelled cycles finding it very hard good to hear sucess stories


It is so nice hearing the sucessful stories with the ivf. I had my embryos put back in last Wednesday so i have to wait till the 16th April. It is only the 6th April and it feels like i life senence. My emotions are all over the place but i am trying to stay positive.


Hi Sarah, Huge congrats from me.. what a wonderful news. I'm on my 2nd ivf treament. I had positve test on the 21st of March 08. My eyes could not believe it. I had 12 pregnancy tests all together..:).. I did the first test on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th day of transfer but they came up negative and I started to get worried. But on the 13th day of transfer, it came up positive.. it was a very faint pink line, I wasnt sure. showed to my hubby and he said " there is definately a line".. and keep doing it till the 18th day of dpt which I suppost to call the clinic to inform them about the result. I still could not believe that my pregnancy test was positive after 7 years of trying.. I did the test again the next day and the day before just to tripple sure..:) I'm now having really bad morning sickness, the worst one was last night as I was woken up by my sickness and needed to throw up.. but I am just greatful that I am pregnant. My 1st scan will be on the 11th April. Hope everything is fine with me and my future baby or babies... I wish you guys good luck on your IVF treatment and lots of baby dust send to you.

taniya chughtai

i had been trying for a baby for 15 years due to having polycystic ovaries syndrome, i wasn't ovulating and it was heart breaking all the time, i never had periods and i couldn't even think if i was pregnant or not,i had been seen by at a fertility clinic for 15 years finally i was reffered for ivf, i got an appointment really quickly and within months i started the treatment,then came the day for egg collection 9 eggs were collected and the following day 8 were fertilized and 5 days later 1 was put back in,i had to wait 10 days to have the pregnancy test, they were the longest 10 days of my life,i developed the common side effect of ivf which people with polysistic ovaries get which was ovarian hyperstimulation it was a nightmare, i called the ivf unit who said it was a good sign but was worth it at the end i did a pregnancy test and it was positive at the first attempt, i couldn't believe my dream to become a mother had come true by god after 16 years, i had a lovely baby boy weighing 6lb 7oz, and it was free on the NHS.

Mrs Chanda Modi

My first child was born through IVF treatment on NHS. I had been trying for 10 years and done all the test but there was nothing wrong with myself or my husband. I went through exactly like Sarah Leech with the IVF treatment but with me only one survived but I was happy even with one. I started trying for a second baby when my first baby was only 6 months and I fell pregnant without IVF. Today I have two sons age 16 and 17.


Congratulations i am so happy for you, i have just had my third try at ivf and 3 tests say it is positive i dont have a scan until the 9th so i am really worried at the moment it has took 15 years to see a pregnancy test say postitive. i wish you and your partner all the luck in the world.


My husband and I are due to start ICSI in Feb 08, we are unable to have IVF due to problems with both parties, it is so nice to hear a good story about IVF all people seem to harp on about is the bad things. I am really scared and nervous about having the treatment my main concern is the disappointment should it not work. So far we have only been told what the failure rate is not the success, I really hope the treatment works for KIm


im about to go for ivf and im trying to read up anything i can before the time comes and just read this story and it made me cry im so happy that it worked i know not everyone is lucky but its so nice to read happy endings for a change. fingers crossed it works for me to


Kayleigh, We just finished a cycle with ICSI... now we're pregnant (found out yesterday)! In fact, 19 of 21 eggs fertilized, 2 made it to blasto (the rest arrested b/f 6 day freeze). I really freaked about that, thinking the one in utero didn't make it either... but at least one did! The amazing thing is, w/o ICSI we could not have conceived. It's kind of a miracle what they can do now. My husband survived testicular cancer and went through a year of chemo, so to be sure his sperm is compromised. Don't feel hurt, just find an excellent embryologist and they will take care of you. Remember, you only need ONE!


hi my names kayleigh we have just found out we need to go through icsi,id love for some pepople to let me know ur storys,im so hurt right now,x


Hi All Me again nicola i did an early test 2 days before i was ment to and got a negative, i was distraught, i was in fact pregnant with twins and now 15w 2d and all going well. The 2WW is horrid and far worst than i have ever imagined, dont test till you are ment to as you may just cause unnessacary heartache as i did. Good luck to you all and you are in my prayers. JJ xxc


I've been diagnosed with blocked tubes & will be going for my 1st IVF treatment in March 2010. I hope it works 1st time around b'coz its so expensive.


im currently waiting to see if my second attempt of icsi has been successfull, its killing me waiting, its always on my mind every min of the day. i was wondering if any one could advice me whens the earliest date i can do a test. me and my partener have been trying for 5 years. after the last attempt didnt work i broke my heart, dont no if i can try again if it doesent work. me and my partener are so nervous. x


hiiiiii every1,,,,,,,,,my 1st ivf cycle will start in april 2010,,,,,,,,im happy but also worried plzzzzz pray for me.....i need a baby this is the biggest dream of my life..good luck 2 everyone xxx


Uncontrollable tears rolled down my cheeks as I read all these stories. Happy for the successes and hopeful for the hopefuls. I have just been told i have blocked tubes and been advised to go for ivf. I have read various stories on other sites and this one is the ace of them all. My hope is now positive and I am going for it with that positivity. Thanks to you all and best of luck to all mothers-to-be.


Hi everyone, i keep reading these sites but this is the 1st time i have written. 1 have 3 daughters 15,14, & 11 who i raised since babies on my own as their birth father did not was a family once he got one. I have been lucky enough to meet Mr Right 2 1/2 years ago who loves my girls as his own and has no birth children. We had a missed miscarriege in March 08 (11wks 4 days) and not managed to get pregnant since so were advised due to my age to try IVF (im 28 he is 31) 1st attempt we go 6 eggs and had a 3dt with 2 8cell grade 3.5 i just found out yesterday i am pregnant, totally shock as i convinced myself i was not, we have been told over the phone we must wait till week 7 for a scan and will not see anyone till then. Im so happy but also quite nervous and not wanting to jump up and down with excitment. I thought that if i do a pregnancy test every few days for a couple of weeks it will reasure me if the line gets darker...has anyone else done this?? or am i just being nurotic? Also if it's twins would the pregnancy tests lines be darker earley on? I am praying like mad and trying to remain positive, will put you all im my prayers to. JJ




I have just finished my first cycle of IVF and am on the dreaded 2ww. We have been trying for a baby for the last 3 yrs but was unable to conceive due to PCOS so the hospt put me on clomid for 6 months which failed to work. Thankfully since starting the IVF treatment everythin has gone as smoothly as possible - dont beleive all the horror stories you hear about IVF as everyone is totally different and i have sailed thru it. Just hope after this 2ww (test on 12.10.09) all our dreams come true and i really hope all yours do too - stay positive xxxxxx


congraz' with my first baby girl it was very easy and natural, after 1 month we got pregnant. now we try to get pregnant for 4 years, and we diced to do the IVF, first shot i got pregnant, did blood test, shows positive, 200 after 2 days again shows 575, after 1 week shows 4300!!!! i was in shock the on 5 week i did US and it show 2 babies.... if u asking me go do the IVF,, good luck u all.


nice to hear so many sucessful stories, been trying for baby for 4 years, have irregular periods but for past 4 mnths been on chlomid and norethisterone tablets which have been making me regular, ivf is such a rollercoster ride and people who dnt go threw this dnt realise how hard an emotionally draining it is, going for my consultation thursday to go threw treatment so hopefully be starting the injections soon, good luck to everyone out there going threw same procedure, think possative and never give up, hope everyone has a happy ending and fingers crossed it wrks for me too


Hi everybody,How are you all now I am in stage 2 of ivf cycle which is called as ovarin stumulation.During the stimulation cycle, daily hormonal injections are given for a span of 8-12 days to stimulate ovaries to produce an increased number of eggs. Regular follicular monitoring is done by transvaginal ultrasound to assess the ovarian response. When the ovarian follicles reach their maximum size, ovulation is triggered with the injection of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). During the cycle, estrogen and LH hormonal levels may be estimated as per individual requirements to assess the quality of eggs developing. Best of luck and pray for me that everything goes fine TC :)


I had a little girl through ivf (the first attempt very luck) my second attempt fail have anyone else been through this


It is really good to C so many positive comments of ivf I am also on First IVF cycle,I hope all goes fine I am on gonapeptyl injection as of now. I am really motivated that most of you in are firm beleivers of IVF and everybody is expecting. Please pray for me also. Best of luck to you all and keep posted


It is really good to C so many positive comments of ivf I am also on First IVF cycle,I hope all goes fine I am on gonapeptyl injection as of now. I am really motivated that most of you in are firm beleivers of IVF and everybody is expecting. Please pray for me also. Best of luck to you all and keep posted


I am now 22 weeks pregnant after our 4th full IVF attempt, there were also 2 unsuccessful frozen transfers. Our first attempt ended in a MMC. We did our research as there was no apparent reason why treatment was not working, I responded well to the drugs, had a lot of eggs and a majority fertilised and the clinic could not explain this. On the last attempt we asked for steriods and a blastocyst transfer which our clinic agreed to. It was interesting as the embryologist said that the embryo's she would have chosen at day 2 were not the same as those chosen at day 5. We were starting to give up hope but we are now so pleased that we researched the latest developments and asked the right questions. I thought I would share our story for people who are going through what we went through and are starting to lose all hope. Good luck to everyone undergoing treatment.

Emma, starting Aug 09

Hi all. It's so nice to hear success stories. We are starting our first icsi cycle in late August 2009 and I am really nervous as we will only be able to afford this once. I am 34 (nearly 35) and my hubby is 42 (and healed from his third vasectomy reversal which didn't work!!). We've spent so much money trying to have a baby and have now fallen out with my family over it as they have been interferring in a very negative way. I am hoping with everything I have that this works as it is going to cost us a total of &#194&#1635500 (including the sperm aspiration treatment). I have cried for so many years of my life about having a child and like always, people are falling pregnant all around me. But I refuse to cry anymore! This is my time I hope and I am keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck and love to all.x


hey everyone i`ve just had my embryos put back in they put 2 in i`ve now to wait 2 weeks. i was on ivf i had no problems with it at all my husband had low sprem count just.


I went on hormones at the beganing of May and Done a 3 dt with one 10cell grade 4 embryo and on the 26 I got my 1st faint positive. Now I am all Positive. I am 38 and hubby is 44.... I have 5 children natural got tubes tide 9yrs ago but this is hubby 1st baby..... This is my only IVF...... and i think my doc is awsome


Hi, I'm new on this site, read so many of your stories. Its so nice to know I'm not alone in this emotional rollercoaster that we are on. I have a healthy 8 year old son, who I thank god for x but feel incomplete as a family so in the last four years I have naturally become pregnant but have lost all five babies ( one was twins ) years of getting my hopes up to becoming so depressed. We finally went private and they gave us the go ahead for firstly 3x IUI's, all negative and then ICSI was our recent programme, collected 10 eggs, 7 fertilised and replaced 2x 5 day blast. I am happy to say that I am today 6 wks and will have my first scan next tuesday. We can't wait, as much as feeling delighted we are so worried...what if....we've been there so many time before. Trying to stay positive....sending you all lots of baby dust, good-luck to you all....Liz x


i have read hear lots of successfull story so i am so happy for every one. my treatment will start on 12.02.09.i hope will be please tell me which type of care i do during my tratment e.g food? husband wife relation and i do a night job so i should bed age is 33.


I am 33yrs. old and I have polycystic ovaries,married for 11 yrs..Had my first attemp of IVF and now I am 5 weeks pregnant.For those who wanted to try IVF go on and don`t waste the chance.

Samantha K Sullivan

20th DEC 2008 I am in my first cycle of IVF. Am at the stage of waiting. I had my ET done on the 15th Dec. It's been 5 days. The first 3 days I was bed ridden. I suffered severe bloating and gastritis. I was in tears swearing i would not go through it again. Today, i am well and am anxiously waiting. I have read so many success stories to keep my spirits high. I pray for my happy ending to happen too.


For 8 years my husband and I tried for a baby. Due to problems with both parties ICSI was our only option. After being unsuccessful with clomid, 3 ICSI cycles and frozen embryo transfer I eventually fell pregnant with the 4th ICSI attempt. I had been pregnant after the 2nd attempt but unfortunately we discovered that the baby had died at the 12wk scan. I also miscarried the twin with the 4th ICSI but in 2007 I delivered a beautiful baby boy. We were so lucky to have a happy ending, which just got better in 2008 as I gave birth to beautiful baby boy which was conceived naturally. IVF and ICSI treatments are a rollercoaster ride with highs of hope and anticipation and extreme lows of disappointment. It is addictive as you believe that just one more go will give you a baby. Choosing this path is not easy and you have to have an idea of when you will stop because it will consume every waking moment. My thoughts are with any one going through this process, and wish them all luck in the world. But choose your clinic carefully as paying privately leaves you open to people giving you false hope. Although nobody wants to hear bad news, false hope can be soul destroying at a time when you are most emotionally vulnerable.


IVF procedure is real demonstration that it is needed procedure and people must talk about it. A great number of people try to have babies using IVF or surrogacy. And not so many countries conduct such procedures. In the modern world a lot of people need help of assisted methods of reproductive medicine. It's a true fact. Such method gives these infertile families hope for a new little life – baby. Surely one must choose carefully country where to go to use assisted methods of reproduction. I have heard Ukraine is rather good. It's a third world country nevertheless it shows great results and high success rate in IVF programs. There are very nice clinics in Kiev where doctors of high qualification are involved. I read that in Ukraine surrogate motherhood medical program, all-inclusive by the way, costs only 29 900 euro. Seeing after the events that take place in the sphere of assisted reproductive technologies, it can be seen that a lot of countries ban such procedures. It must be noted that India and Thailand that were the most popular among infertile have banned recently surrogacy conduction for foreigners. I hope that Ukraine and America will not practice the surrogacy ban. It is a useful procedure. And I think that it is needed to respect wishes and rights of infertile people who nevertheless want to have babies.


I`m from Norway, and such procedure as ivf is forbidden in my country. However, my situation wasn`t bright too. I married at the age of 29, and only in my early thirties, we decided to give birth. Sometime later I realized that my rare ovulation is a serious problem. I hadn`t enough female hormones and doctor suspected that I might be totally infertile. I took medicine for several months, but ineffectually. After all, we were forced to use IVF. Nevertheless, there appeared new problem. It was difficult to find a donor of an ootid, and we had to go to another country in order to use this service. We went to Ukraine. In general we were satisfied with service. They met us in airport, provided with place to stay etc. Stuff well educated and nice, we also had no problem with language. But there were so irritated crowned in corridors! To me, if it named as best clinic in East Europe, it should have a bigger building. But Thanks God, it helped, and now I can say that I`m a happy mother of two children.


I M 34years old , now I m pregnant 21 weeks with twin baby by IVF. Before one week I had vaginal leakage, But after investigation It is found that my Os is close and the liquid of os is adequate. I admitted hospital foe six days.Now I am in bed rest in home . But today I had the same leakage of little amount. Remarks;- I have no. urine infection What kind of leakage is this. Please suggest me the proper living way during the full pregnancy period.

george W

my sons wife is 35 years old and I was diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve and very bad prognosis of having a baby with my own eggs. I was even given the option to consider donor eggs. That was around july 2014. I was absolutely devastated with the news and I arranged an IVF for November 2014 and it failed also, given that I had nothing to lose, I contacted on facebook (Oduduwa Ajakaye) and he send me his herbal product,. Believe it or not... I am already pregnant!


makes me feel inspired reading all these... who under go IVF like me its my first time trying the IVF ive done everything now then wednesday is my pregnancy test but i was worried and upset coz ive got my period i dont know whats going on now... i just keep praying no matter whats gonna be the result on that day.


HMMM,where should i start.I got married in 2008 and have bin ttc.Went through 5 failed ivf during and after divorce.It was such a terrible time.Am trying now on my own with sperm donor.Did a fresh ivf with a day 3 transfer but came back negative.Am so down financial,emotional and physically.My doctor is not given up and asked me not to give up.My doctor is suggesting surrogancy.Please,pray for me.

Sarah G

Fantastic blog, great to see such a fantastic story.

Fozia Nasir

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Fozia Nasir

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Razia Ali

razia ali hi i am about to start my second attempt of ivf i am so scared and worried im trying to stay positive the first try i was so sure that it would work i was thinking of baby names i even went shopping for baby clothes when it failed i was near to killing my self we been married for 8 years he was my rock but now i see him breaking right before my own eyes i feel so guilty putting him through this he says he happy with just me but i no he wants to be a dad its so hard to stay positive when every thing is going wrong for us please pray for us


This is my first IVF Cycle and had a day 5 transfer of a grade 1 blastocyst last Saturday - so only on day 2 but time is going so slowly ! How soon should I do a pregnancy test ? I am not sure I can wait another week and a half for the blood test to tell me?? Wishing everyone here all the luck in the world - its comforting knowing I am not the only one going through IVF as have felt quite isolated going through all of this.


Hello Everyone! This is my first IVF Cycle and I am on the 2WW! I have been reading on line what should be happening after implantation. I had my retrieval on Sept. 16, 2011 and the transfer on Sept. 19, 2011. I read that I should be spotting if the embryo is burrowing into the lining. I don't have any bleeding. I am currently on progesterone and I had my blood work checked on Sept. 23, 2011. The report was normal, so now I'm thinking not good news. During my IVF week ultra sound discovered 2 cyst on the left ovary (5cm & 3cm). But it's due to me having endometriosis. I've always wanted my own family and I'm to remain positive with all your help. Your stories have INSPIRED ME NOT TO GIVE UP! I will keep you posted on my Friday (Sept. 30, 2011) results. Stay prayful.


Dear All, I just want to say how inspired I feel after just reading some of the posts below. I am currently recovering from an ectopic pregnancy following IUI. My husband and I are considering our options for the next treatment and will most likely go down the IVF route. I take so much comfort like you all reading these stories, it really helps with the mind knowing that your not alone. I wish you all the success! xx


Hi Guys, Thought i would write an up to date comment on here. My husband and i have been trying for a baby for a while now. I found out i have PCOS which made it difficult. I had Ivf recently and had one embryo transferred. This is my first time and i was told it was a very good quality embryo. I took a test last week n im Pregnant! Im just praying now that when we go for our scan in a few weeks the baby is where it should be n the right size and has a heart beat. I really wanted to share this good news story as when i was doing my 2WW i kept looking at these kind of sites for good news stories to get me through n keep me confident it works. My advise is in your 2WW relax and except what will be willl be. I know its so hard but there really isn't much u can do once you've had the transfer but look after yourself. Wishing everyone luck out there that is trying. Don't give up hope.Will let you know my results*Fingers Crossed*


This is such an ispiring story. I start my first lot of injections tomorrow. Wish me luck! xx


Hi everyone. I last wrote on her a yr ago when i was on the dreaded 2 week wait after going thru IVF. I am happy to say that i am now holding my little success story as she sleeps. Please dont give up hope. I know its so hard to see things getting any better when ur going thru such heartache but i can honestly say tryin to stay positive is the best thing u can do. i know its easier said than done coz ive been there but please try xxxx also for the lady who has had a few bleeds whilst in the 2ww, i also had a light bleed before i did a test (they now put this down to implantation bleeding). i also had 2 further heavier bleeds at around 6 and 8 weeks which the hospt put down to hormonal changes in my body. it didnt affect my pregnancy and as i say i now have a happy and healthy little 4 month old baby girl. good luck to you all. i hope u have the success i have had xxxxxx


hi im so glad to hear all ur stories u dont realise how much hope its gives people, ive just found out we need ivf due to my hubbies low motility please pray for us


Hi All, My husband and I are trying to have a baby for 4 years and we decided to have a fertility treatment, I was told that I cant have IVF soon cause I need to start IUI and it didnt work, they refer me to the consultant and I was told that I need a laparoscopy to check my tube and and I never expect when I wake up from laparoscopy that my two tube was removed. I never seen the consultant for 8 weeks and was really upset about it. When I speak to her she told me that my two tube was badly scarred thats why she has to removed the two tube and I wont be approved to have IVF if I still have my tube cause I will have an ectopic pregnancy. So I had just my IVF treatment and it didnt work. But still upset that my two tube has been removed just because it has scarring on it. And we cant affored for the next treatment. I'm still hoping to have a normal pregnancy but now lost hope because I have no more tube and just be dependent on IVF


Hi, I have been trying for pregnacy for more then 3 years. I had an IVF done this month and after a week I have to do Pregnancy test. Really very scare. IVF is like a rollercoster....medicines made me very tired and tearful, I cry alot. Feel jealous when see friends and family getting pregnant so easily. Hope things work for me this time...Please pray for me. Thanks


hi just on my second attempt of ivf really hope it works this time round,ive just had my eggs took out and we had 7 6 have made it today,having them put back in tomorrow and can't wait but just going to hate the 2ww,gud luck to everyone.x

gemma louise forde

hi i hope my story can help all others going through this horrid 2 ww i had my first ivf 2 mths and all didnt go to plan i was losing brown discharge sorry for discripton and also blood approx 3-4 days after the transfer as a result the attempt failed was so upsetting as we had grade 5aa embryos and was told that everthing would be fine as i had responded so well to treatmentwe then had our second attempt with frozen embryo that dropped to a 5ab so wasnt holding out much hope as 10dpt i again was losing discharge and again the horrid blood but no pain was sure that it was happening again test day arrived and we got our BFP big fat pregnant cannot beleive our luck i just hope that this helps a little with the stress of all that we go through in our 2ww and gives u all that little bit of hope may u all get ur baby dreams really soon x


Hi every1 im so happy for all the people who have had success or who are having success on there ivf treatment im due to start mine next year as currently went through a misscarriage and 2 ectopic pregnancies in which i had both tubes removed im very worried about this but me and my partner want a family of our own so much i just hope it works first time as costs too much im only 24 and my partner is 23 god bless you all and keep me posted wiv your stories.


I was tryin 2 cncv since 2002 got preg 2003 bt unfortunately was ectopic in right tube so had tube removed,got preg 2004 again ectopic in left tube so they had to operate again this time to remove some of my left tube then in 2005 i got preg again and THANK GOD it was in the right place,had beautiful little girl weighed 5.ib 4oz,had been tryin ever since she was born so finally got preg again may 2010 but unfortinately again it was ectopic in my left tube again an had to have tube removed am gutted,went to doctor today he will refer me for ivf treatment hopefully soon....PLEASE PRAY 4 ME

jaynie 30

my partner and i haver been trying for about 10 years to get pregnant with no success and no possible reason why we couldnt concieve. we tried all all the various fertility treatments without success. last year we had our only free atempt at IFV which failed at the fertilization stage( we were deverstated) we were then informed about ICSI and told we could have a go at this on the NHS. we said yes but were sceptical about it working as nothing else has. but we should have had more faith I am about 4 weeks pregnant!!! i am curently waitin 4 a scan that will hopefully detect a heartbeat (or how many is the question as 2 embyos were replaced).


hey me and my fiance have been trying for 3years but found out i have polly cystic ovaries and then found out i have blocked tubes, they tried clearing them but wasnt very sucsesful, we have been told to go for ivf which we are hoping to start after our wedding in june! find it so hard at times all our family and friends having babies and we are still trying after 3years! i pray it works 1st time!

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