Tips for the kids

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1. If they're going abroad make sure they know how to say 'I'm lost', 'Where's the nearest phone?' and 'I've had my money stolen' in the native language.
Also, find out what the emergency number is in the country, just in case they need help.

2. Pack photocopies of passport, insurance details and travellers cheque details in case they lose the originals. Also, buy them a moneybelt or find somewhere safe to keep money. Make sure they have change for the phone and plenty of small change so they don't have to flash notes.

3. Write the phone number and address of where they're staying and put it in their inside zipped pocket in case they forget it or get lost.

Too expensive?

Ask the school if there are any concessions available. If it's a special trip, like a skiing holiday, you might consider making it part of a child's birthday present. Teenagers could get a holiday job so they can make a contribution.

How is their free time organised?

Psychologist Frank Furedi says:
'Ask when their free time will be and what they'll be allowed to do. A teacher should still be around. If the free time is in the evening, get assurances from staff that they won't be allowed out without adult supervision.

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'With younger children, tell the teacher about any worries you might have. On the other hand, remember accidents are rare and that school trips are usually educational and fun!'

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