How to get kids to do the jobs they hate continued

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Her room's a tip

My 11-year-old daughter's bedroom is always a mess. How can I encourage her to tidy it?

The solution:
'Don't assume kids will automatically know how to tidy their room,' says Jane Bidder, author of Tidy Your Room (White Ladder Press, £7.99). 'It's a skill which needs to be taught. So tidy it with them to start with, taking them through each stage. Concentrate on the positive and don't say, "What a lot of rubbish!" but rather, "This is good, we've done a bag full already". Also, get some funky containers, because if there's a place for every major item in your child's room, it will be easier and more fun for them to keep it tidy.' Jacqui Callaghan, 37, Brighton

She never helps out

My 14-year-old daughter never does any chores around the house. How can I get her to help?

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The solution:
'Although most 14 year olds won't automatically offer to help out, it's important that they learn how to do these jobs, as it will prepare them for life in the wider world,' says Jane. 'Start by giving her three easy tasks, like loading the dishwasher, emptying her own rubbish bin, and keeping her room tidy.

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