'I used Coronation Street to help with sex education'

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I used Coronation Street to help with sex education
When my daughter Kim started secondary school, I realised it was time we had 'the chat'. But I had no idea where to start and my husband Ron was no help - he said it was my job to talk to her!

Then one day we were all watching Coronation Street and the storyline about Sarah Platt getting pregnant at 13 came up. Afterwards, I asked Kim whether any girls at her school had got pregnant. She said one had and I explained that it was an easy mistake to make but one I really hoped she wouldn't make.

Ron made a sharp exit at that point but I carried on talking to Kim and it was a lot easier having watched the storyline on TV rather than going in cold. It turned out Kim knew a lot more than I thought but I still talked everything through with her.

Since then, we often use something on telly as the start of a conversation. Ron's even joined in a few times and I think it makes it easier for him too.
Maureen, Prestatyn, Denbighshire

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Lynette M clements

My daughter who is 8 yrs old has just been dianoised with precusiosh puberty i have been told she can start her periods as early as 6 months time she had to have a xray on her wrist to see how much the bones had grown also a m r i scan something in the brain tells the body to bring on early puberty i think sex education should be in year 3/4 not in year5/6 if girls has to face this i am not aware about boys but surely this day in age something has to be done for there own safety

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