Coping with toddler tantrums

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Are you having to cope with constant toddler tantrums? Are they driving you slowly mad?

Even the most laidback of mums can find stroppy two-year-olds testing, so read these top tantrum tips from expert Sally Coulthard...

Early morning tantrums

Get up a little earlier. Mornings are the peak tantrum time and your patience wears thin in the dash to get to work, the nursery and the shops. Give yourself a few extra minutes to save tempers all round.

What triggers the toddler tantrums?

Remember that loud noises, new people, strange places and scary situations can also trigger tantrums in young children.

Avoiding toddler tantrums at home

Make your house safe. If all you ever say is 'Don't touch that', you're inviting her to get frustrated and lose her temper.

Think about your child

Don't overdo it. A tired, hungry child is a tantrum waiting to happen. Stick to regular mealtimes and bedtimes.

Coping in a public place

Don't make a scene. If you're in a public place, take your child to another room, a quiet corner or the car park until she's calmed down.

Sally Coulthard is a working mum and author of "The Parents' Book Of Checklists - From Toddlers To Teenagers

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