What to do if your child is obese

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Eight ways to tackle your child's obesity:

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1. Speak to a health professional if you think your child is overweight or obese.
2. If your child has a weight problem, don't just hope it he'll grow out of it.
3. Help your child to distinguish hunger from feeling thirsty, bored or upset.
4.Just because you or other family members have a weight problem, it doesn't mean you can't help your child.
5. To achieve healthier eating, make dietary changes small and gradual.
6. Think about healthy eating rather than dieting, and increase intakes of water, high-fibre foods and fruit and vegetables.
7.Remember that physical activity is just as important as diet when it comes to managing weight - so get moving.
8. Parents are fundamental to treating children's weight issues, so if your child has a problem, don't feel there's nothing you can do or leave it up to someone else to resolve.
Dr Rana Conway, public health nutritionist and author of 'Meals Without Tears'

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