Let's talk about sex - part 3

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11. Getting intimate? There are many ways that your teenager may become intimate without having full-blown sex. Their first kiss and first fumble are important stages in their sexual development, so try to help them by explaining that they can still show their emotions and experiment without having sex.

12. What about love? Explain that the best setting for sex is in a loving relationship. That they'll want to share that special experience with someone they really care about.

13. No, not EVERYONE is having sex. Most young people have sex in a lasting relationship. Recent figures show that three out of every four girls and two out of every three boys haven't had sex by the time they're 16. So no, they're not all doing it! Their mates may have been bragging that they've all had sex already, but tell your child they shouldn't ever feel they have to do something they don't want to do.

14. Tell them it's OK to say no. Remind them that being forced to have sex is against the law. It is rape.

15. Tell them about the law. Explain sexual consent to them and that it is illegal to have sex if they're under 16. They could be arrested for having sex with an underage partner, or if they are underage themselves and their partner is over 16, their partner could be in trouble with the law.

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