Dealing with teachers

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His teachers kept saying he could do better
Don't be afraid to have an honest chat with your child's teacher. Most teachers are very happy to talk, support and advise parents. After all, well motivated children are far easier to teach. But a tiny few aren't quite so keen.
Here's how to handle even the trickiest teacher.
  • Be very polite. Start by telling her why you're concerned. Give her examples. Maybe his reading doesn't seem to be improving, his handwriting is messy or he complains his homework is too hard. There could be a simple solution to any of these issues and she should be able to offer one and reassure you.
  • If you're not happy with her response or she seems vague, dismissive or simply uninterested, try digging further. Ask if your child seems bored or is easily distracted in class. If she tells you 'he just doesn't concentrate' (a very common remark) ask her what you can do to improve his concentration skills. Say 'I want to work with you to help him do better.' Even the most difficult teacher in the world, couldn't argue with that.
  • If the meeting goes badly make an appointment to see the headteacher. Stay calm and friendly but make it clear that you are a concerned parent who wants the best for her child and will continue to ask questions until you are sure he's getting the help he needs.


Is he dyslexic?

Some children who struggle to read or write are dyslexic. Experts believe that two or three children in an average class could have a form of dyslexia. Common traits include jumbling up letters or words and frequent misreading. Your child may be slow at written work and seem uninterested in letters and words. However, these symptoms are also very common in many young children. Don't assume he's dyslexic until you've had him assessed by an expert. Start by having a chat with the schools Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).

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sandra stevenson

you would not believe the s*** i am going through (maybe you will, and hope you do) trying to get a central london LEA to diagnose or even recognise dyslexia, its like a leprosy for them.

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