15 ways to be a (nearly) perfect parent (part 2)

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15 ways perfect parent cuddle kids

6. Stop them arguing

Do something physical like taking them out for a run or going swimming. Boys often row because they need to let off steam. If they're arguing in the supermarket, give them each a responsibility. One has to get something from the shelves and the other pushes the trolley. Then swap.

7. Don't expect too much

If you set your sights too high both you - and them - will be in for a fall and it can have long-term repercussions for your child's confidence. Welcome their friends even if you don't like them and don't be critical if they do something for you and it doesn't work out - like trying to help you tidy up.

8. Give them great memories

The years whizz by and the next thing you know they've grown up and left home. So simply enjoy the time you do have with them. But don't feel you have to 'bribe' them with expensive trips. A walk in the park will stick in their mind just as much as a trip to a theme park if you shared something special together, like helping them learn to ride their bike.

9. Let them get dirty

Kids love getting messy so just take a spare set of clothes with you when you're out for the day and get used to the house feeling like a laundry. Teach them to clean up after themselves though, so you don't feel constantly surrounded by mess.

10. Give yourself a break

Leave them with people you trust even for just a short time. It makes them more independent and helps you to put everything in perspective.

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